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Everyone seems to corect my opinyions.


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I don't know how many people find this fustrating. But There are times when I say what I am thinking and there is at least one person, (useraly more) who has to be a critic about my opinyion. And they corect it with their own opinyion. I am aware though that everything and everyone has a critic. Nothing and no one can make everyone happy. But it's just anoying cause it's constant, And I never seem to say anything smart it seems. And why are they right and I am not anyways?


My ex did his fair share off corecting my opinyions when I would voice my thoughts. I can't even remember everything he "had" to correct me on. But it was alot. But he is not the only one lets just say, he just did it more than most. But as it's been said before my ex, and everyone else. Was and is just trying to either help me, or just tell me what they think instead.


I don't mind them stating what they think to be honest. But I hate being helped for things I don't want help on. And I dunno about anyone else this happens to, but I feel dumb alot off the time.


Anyways how should I go about this?


Should I think more before I speak? So it comes out sounding better Should I just be more firm about my belifes? not to agrue but just to stick with what I believe in. Should I just agree to dissagree? that way everyone just keeps to themselves. Should I just let them help me? Mabe it could work but I have a feeling it wont. Or should I just see if it happens to more people than me? Because as I said everyone and everything has a critic I am probbly not alone


I am asking because I find being corrected all the time anoying. But I keep thinking maybe it's me one way or the other? Maybe I just need a new point off view on the matter.


Thanks for all your imput and advice.

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Sometimes people are more likely to be contrary and contradict your own opinions when they are simply in a * * * * of a mood. I know because I've had problems with this in friendships in the past, and there would usually be more disagreements over petty things when someone (admittedly including myself ) was in a bad mood.


As someone who can sometimes be opinionated on various topics whether I am well-educated on the matter or not, I have learnt to bite my tongue in situations where I want nothing more than to counter-argue with something I don't agree with, but some situations like with family or at work I decide it's just easier and better to keep the peace.


I think the best thing you can do, from my own experience, is if you voice some opinion (a band or some world topic you like / dislike), do your homework on the matter...


Or if it is some other general idea or thought you have, think through the pros and cons of it. That way if any bastard tries to shoot your ideas down you have more ammunition to stand your ground as you rightfully should! lol


But like I said some situations it is just easier / better to bite your tongue, depending on how much you value your relationship with that person over your severely differing points of view. My Mum believes in little green Men from Mars but I just politely withhold my amusement and fun-making.


Oh yeah, and try not to take people's differing opinions personally helps too.


Well that's enough from me.

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I think we all get unwanted advice sometimes. Sometimes it's useful, sometimes it's not. Just because someone corrects you doesn't necessarily mean that they are right and you're wrong, just that they have differing opinions. If you think that you say something before you think about it, then yes, it's not a bad idea to put some thought into it. If you truly believe in what you're saying and everyone else thinks it is wrong, it doesn't hurt to reflect on what other people have said, but at the end of the day, if you still think what you said didn't need to be corrected, stick to your guns. I agree with Raize as well, that people's moods can also affect the way they react as well and of course, there are some people who are just determined to correct everything you say - not much you can do about them, unfortunately.

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you are definitely not alone. This type of thing has become a major pet peeve of mine in the last five years. Consequently, I have become a strong advocate of standing one's ground. It is like the saying goes, "opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and they all stink." Don't be fooled into thinking that anyone else's opinion is any more valid than your own. That's not to say that you shouldn't pick your battles though. After all, some things are more worthy of arguing over than others (agree to disagree as you said).


In spite of that, there is some good advice to be had out there. At the core it is a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff. For me personally, I'm more inclined to argue my point if the "correction" contradicts my perception of reality, or conflicts with what I know about the subject. I also have little patience for those who like to second guess my decisions after the fact if they weren't there when the event occurred. It helps nobody to point out a decision was wrong once it has been made. It seems to me that it would be far more productive to consider options going forward. IMO, the burden of proof is on the other person to make a good enough argument to change my mind.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't automatically assume that you are wrong for your opinion. Stand firm unless they give you a good reason to change your mind.


just my $.02

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Be able to support your opinion with facts and logical reasoning. Make it seem simple to poeple why you think what you think and make it easy for people to agree.


sometimes you need to speak in other people's "language".


It also couldn't hurt to say well thought-out opinions, and to really listen to other people's differing views on the subject so you can understand their point of view, and hopefully be able to elaborate on why your opinion is different.


hope that helps a bit

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