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Baby suddenly wants to sleep on tummy ALL THE TIME


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My baby will be 4 months on the 18th. And she has decided she is going to sleep on her belly now that she can roll over. And if you don't let her, she fidgets and tries to roll over ALL NIGHT and she nor i get any rest. If I put her in her crib she would most definitely roll over as soon as I left the room.


I'm going through a hard break-up with her father and sleep is hard enough to get anyway, but I know tummy sleeping is a big SIDS risk. And I am a super worried mom about SIDS. I check her breathing all the time when she is asleep.


Is it ok to let her sleep on her tummy? Or if not, then how do I get the child to sleep on her back and stay asleep without fidgeting and fussing all night?

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Talk to your doctor for reassurance and advice but I let my daughter sleep how she wanted.


I think getting sleep is really important both for her and you. My daughter was also a tummy sleeper as a baby also and so was I all the way up until I got pregnant. My daughter later took to sleeping face down with her knees tucked up and her butt way up, she'd sleep all night like that.

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My baby wanted to sleep on her tummy as well and I had the same concerns about SIDS.


I bought a monitor that you can put under the mattress that monitors movement and even breathing. If it didn't sense anything it sounded an alarm. I can't remember the name but I got it at Babies R US for about $100.

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