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Alright, I need some advice on what to do.


I currently have a full time job in an office. I work Monday-Thursday, 7-5. However, I've been trying to get into the dental hygiene program for this fall. I just found out that I can start this fall, IF and only IF, I attend the mandatory registration day in May. The registration day is on May 14th on a Wednesday. It's an all day thing, and I live 45 minutes away from the school, so I would have to take the time off from work. This would be fine, however, I am a bridesmaid in a good friend's wedding. For some reason, the groom's dad decided to have the wedding rehersal dinner early on Thursday May 15th, around 3:00, so I already have to leave early that day. Now I have to try and think of an excuse to take the 14th off, also.


Any advice on what to say?? I don't want to say it's mandatory for school, because then they're going to know I'm most likely leaving in the fall.

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