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Where do you see the difference? Either something is offensive to someone or it is not whether an ad or a post.
I think the difference is self-evident. The ads are run by the site, when you advertise for something, it is a kind of sanction. The fact that we are too busy or too tired to preview what we are advertising does not exempt us from this responsibility.


Besides, ena does routinely censor offensive threads, and threads that might become offensive, but no such policy is shown regarding advertisements. Why should this be the case?

Look I get that occasionally things come accross media we enjoy that we don't like, whether it be newspapers, TV, blogs or internet forums. Does that mean the site itself or the members of the site or the site owners are in tune with those philosophies?....I don't think so.

I've already addressed this several posts ago. Regardless of what the philosophy of the site is, when you put something on your front page, it reflects on your site's image. I sense that many here do not care about this, and that's perfectly okay.


Kamurj cannot be expected to review every book that is cycled through here. He also cannot expect publishers to discern what they may think is appropriate for this site or not appropriate.
What you are actually saying is that we do not have the time to do this... and that's fine, I understand. But that doesn't absolve you of the responsibility. When something is on your site, it is your responsibility.


I am rather surprised that this has generated so much discussion... I thought there would be a quick apology and this would be over.


What if there was a book featured that had the n word in the title? What would ena's response be to that?

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There is no need for anyone to apologise. You can choose to be offended if you wish but that does not mean that anyone owes you an apology. kamurj has answered your concern and if you don't accept his answer that again is your choice.

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