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Question to all guys ! ! !


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Hey guys. What are some approaches that you guys use when you see a random girl that you might be interested in at the mall, movies, street, store or wherever? Share your examples. I usually go "Hey how's it going" Then I begin a conversation I keep it short and then I ask if I could get her #. What are some ways that you guys use? Share you ecxamples.

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Heh, yeah. And you'd prolly not want to say "How's it hanging" either

I have never tried to use a line on some woman, I'm too shy. But I've heard that if you move up to someone, say by a bar, look her/him into the eyes and then tell the bartender "two ". If she/he says, "I don't want one" - just answer "It's not for you". If she doesn't say anything just move the glass to her and start drinking and see what happens

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let me share one with you that gets me in fast...


Start with a question something like this:


"Hey I'm not to familiar with this area, I think I'm really lost, you know how to get to (name a town, place, event, restaurant)


She will say yea, you go blah blah blah blah , take a right....left blah blah,(you should be writing this down to make it look real) after she tells you.... read it back to her to make it seem like you were a good person at remembering things, After that.. you can give a compliment, say


"WOW, i wish i knew this area as well as you do" (or) You know if it wasn't for you i would still be driving around in circles"


She might laugh a bit, or smile..if so here is your "ticket" in.


say "Oh god where are my manners, i don't even know your name."


Your introduction is Complete, and you haven't even broken a sweat. Congratulations you have just Broken ICE, not with an ice pick but with a ICE AUGER.


she will say her name, than follow up with "really (name) I can't thank you enough, for helping me find my way around..->


STOP, wait for her to say "oh it's no problem" NOW AT THIS POINT CLEAR YOUR THROAT *post up your voice here, and sound Enthusiastic like you just won 500.00*


"Since you were kind enough to help me with directions, would it be to direct if i asked you to join me for a casual meeting sometime, Lunch, or go shopping sometime"


(you can think of whatever you want) i sometimes us the words " night Cap" of course your thinking sex, But really it's a Drink, make sure she looks over 21.


after that well you ask for her number, say Well i already have a Pen and Paper here, all i need is your approval...(give a Puppy face if you want)


if you get the number it's your call to wait, or call next day, If you call next day you can say something like "oh i found out i was passing the town all along, i swear i must have past it 12 times and didn't even see it." (again this will work for a destination, place, restaurants, stadium, Shopping mall) really anywhere. now 90% of the time she will laugh, you can even make it like this.


"oh I'm such a lost cat (don't say Dog) when it comes to directions, i had past the (place) at least 12 times, and didn't even realize it, again i have to thank you again (her name)"


NOTE: place her name at the end, because it shows you can remember a girls name, But DO NOT write it down when your writing her number, if you do she might think "oh he just looked at the paper to remember my name" See how this looks now...? I hope you can remember a girls name over 1-3 days, if not write it down after she is out of sight.


Now please remember this:


If you use this approach, and you find yourself starting to look like a liar, because you never really needed instructions in the first place, than that is your fault, i can't Guide you threw what she is going to say while talking with her on the phone, the times i have use this i just change the topic, and as her about things SHE LIKES TO DO ......NOT about yourself, talk about her..her friends, Guys sometimes find it Flattering to *themselves* if they sit and say "Oh yea i placed 1st in a spelling bee in 5th grade, i have a 2002 BMW X5, my job is the worst job in the world, but i love the pay, Blah blah blah " ...your coming off as a Loser!!! with no benefits, with only an Egotistic mind who has no time for her, SO bottom line, just change the Topic, to something she will want to talk about. I'll Provide a link about "calling first time, Due's and DO NOT'S pay attention to the DO NOT'S please..!!!

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