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timing and love

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I was wondering how long do you think it takes to fall in love with someone??

obviously if you have been with someone for a yr and your not in love its quite apparent you wont ever fall in love with this person so breaking it off may be a solution but how long do you think it takes to when you know if you arent goin to fall in love with this person??


example someone has been with someone for 4 mnths but not in love do you think they still could fall in love or if they werent by now they probably arent with right person, or 6 mnths or 8 mnths......i duno what do you think? how long does it take to fall in love and how long is too long to not be in love.

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I think that it depends on if you're a guy or a girl.


Most women fall in love quicker than men do. They think with they're hearts, and pour all of their emotions into a relationship more than men do.


On the other hand, men are more rational, I think that it takes more time for them to develop strong feelings for women. I remember when I broke up with my ex, in the beginning of our relationship, he acted as if he was completely in love. Well it was a mask. I slowly warmed up and gave it my all.


Often, I think that women fall completely in love when they give up you know what (physical intimacy). When women get intimate, that's when they start bearing all of their feelings.


Anyway, when we broke up, he told me that 'a guy either loves you or he doesn't!' and then he goes off preaching to me about how to spot players and such, and he told me 'a guy cannot just tell you that he loves you within a month of dating or even 3 monthes, b/c that's b.s. It takes a guy at least a year to fall in love with someone!"


To my surprise, he was a hypocrite. I thought he was in love since the beginning, but I guess he really fell for me after a year. That's just him though. I don't know what the typical duration is for men. However, for women, once again, it's often when they get physically intimate (otherwise known as lust, which develops into stronger feelings of love).

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I think that it is different for every poerson. A great deal of how long it takes depends on how much emotional baggage one carries around. For me as a divorced person, I can say that it has been taking me a long time to fall in love with everyone. I am currently dating a new guy right now, but I dont feel in love even though we have been dating for a little bit (but not too long). In my first relationship with myh ex husband, I fell in love almost immediately.

And mahlina is righgt about the emotional thing with women. womena re feelers and part of them opening themselfves up emotionally is physical intimacy. that would be a start. Just keep in mind that everyones experience is different.



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my boyfriend confessed his love to me when we only had 2 months of serious relationship. i told him i felt the same way no doubt about it and i believe it is important to be true to yourself about feelings always.


i know i love him simply because deep inside im willing to modify who i am for the better. everyone has their good and bad stuff, but he makes me want to be a better person and that may sound so cliche or corny, but it is the truth. i told him this and he said he was also willing to sacrifice many things for me, and that, to me is what love is all about. no wedding ring, no gown, no huge celebration, first comes the heart and only that.

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I agree with all the opinions on love here. As for a personal experience, my first contact with "love" gave me tingly feelings inside and irrational thoughts. I thought I was going crazy and didnt realize I was in love for about a year . That took me a while, but thats because I usually try to think things out before listening to my heart, and I'm not sure thats a good or bad thing. Just hope you find out what you need to find out on this odd subject we people call love.

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