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a question for EVERYONE

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When you realize another person's feelings and happiness mean much more to you than your own, you hurt if they hurt, and you're happy when they're happy.


When they're more than just a part of your life, they've come to make a unique place in your heart. And for that special someone, when wherever you are, being with them is like coming home.

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Love to me is so much more than a feeling or an emotion. Happiness is just a state of mind and all emotions are relative to the situation. Love is what happens when you look into that special person's eyes and for a moment life doesn't matter, all that matter is that you are around them. Love is a bond, and an eternal committment. Love is unbreakable, doesn't fade with time, and if true will overcome any obstacle. I don't believe people can learn to love another, love just happens, you don't have to work for it, and you feel it from the moment you meet that special person.


Now let me say happiness and all the emotions you feel around a loved one make your love stronger but aren't neccessarily required to have love.


Blah, I don't know love is a mystery and I don't want to pretend i know what it is because I dont. But this is just my 2 cents lol.

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Love is an eternal link between two people. It is timeless, knows no jealousy, and dosent have to be spoken to be felt. It's a spirit that manafests out hearts. It takes time to grow and must be cultivated by caring and friendship. I have never experienced true love so I can not fully describe it for all that it is. It is the most important thing to me and is all that I hope to achieve in life though. If I am not successful in finding it, my life will be a failure.



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