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OK, so she broke it off in May due to her not wanting to be "Tied Down" anymore.


Little discussion was held over whether we could be with each other after she finishes school - which she did last week, the main point was I was not to wait for her and I haven't.


Adding to her breaking up with me she also said she had lost the feeling, and it was nothing I could have prevented. Just a it's not you it's me excuse really. So 2 reasons, right there - but she said losing the feeling for me was because she couldn't see me as much as she wanted to because of her study and so on.


Now over the past few months I have received emails, text messages and even a late night visit to leave waterbaloons on my car as a prank for end of school.


She told me a few months ago that she is heading to England next year for 12 months - We're in Australia.


From my point I do think about her everyday and aside from being with other girls since, I still care for her. I have not responded to anything she has sent me (emails / text messages) because I only want 1 thing, and that is her back. I have not told her this because I want to keep my dignity - but she probably already knows I want to be with her.


She called me so many times this weekend as it was my birthday, I only answered once and she was really keen to talk - but I was short and thanked her for her call at the end nothing was said for when we would speak again, it was simply "have a good one".


What do I do? Should I confess everything in an email? Meet with her? What? I am having my 21st birthday party next week and she is not invited as yet, but she is aware of the party.


What do I do?


Thank you in advance

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Hello Ry2003...

This may seem a little simplistic, but I do agree with Cid's reply.

I feel the only way to begin resolving this issue is to tell this girl truly how you feel about her. Yes you want to keep your pride and dignity in tact, but I feel that having self dignity due to knowing you did everything you could possibly do to reach your goal is much better than the self torture you seem to be putting yourself through at the moment. You are worth more than that. Laying your heart out on the table and risking it being trodden on is difficult, trust me I've been there, but regardless of her answer I do believe you will fell a better man for doing this. Then you will finally know the truth and eventually relief, and will feel a great burdon lifted from your heart. I hope this helps you in making your final decision.

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I actually believe that you are on the right path and geting things on the level maybe isnt the right thing to do.

The situation that you have is her increasing interest again, if you wouldnt have been strong I believe she would not be around anymore. You have a small "hard to get" routine that is working.

Now if she wasnt on her way to england I would suggest to let this situation develob more naturally.

But it seems you need to raise the issue at some point so you can grow an inkling of a relaitionship before her trip. Whatever you do try to discuss it from a position of strenght - make you, yourself, as an option desirable from who you are and not what you had and how much you can give her.

This will be very hard as anything with a timer on it is.

You might even decide to tell her that you wont mind if she "has fun" in england (and leave the option open of you doing the same).


If you hit the jackpot remember to communicate so you can anticipate



I know its a hard effin trip because Im going through similar things. Best of luck to you man.

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