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Phone Conversation...what does she really mean?

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This co-worker that I had been seeing and I had a phone conversation earlier. I just can't get what her drift is.


A little background of what was going on: Almost at the end of our shift, she had asked me to do something for her; to run an errand outside of the place we work. I was gone for about five minutes. When I came back, I saw her flirting with another co-worker of ours, behind my back, I believe that this thing has been going on for a few weeks now. I mean when he is trying to flirt with her, in front of me, she would stop it and try to ignore it.


When I came in earlier, I saw both of them from a distant, with him smiling and her face red, she also had a big smile on her face and they were both talking. I went past by them, never saying a word but showing that I was upset and went to the rest room to gather my composure. When I came back to their vicinity, I heard him saying "Obi wan keno bi is here." She replied "what?" I caught his actions hinting it was me that he was talking about. I also heard him say, "that was a song...a very famous song." while he was hinting her. I did not have my car that night and was just dropped of by a friend, she offered me a ride and pretending nothing was going on with them. After a few minutes of arriving at my house, I confronted her and give her a call.


This is our conversation:


Me: This is -----. I just wanna ask you this before going on. I just wanna get this out of my chest. Withing the past few weeks, I feel like you're hiding something from me. Or you're just playing with me. I just want to know if you feel the same way for me that I do for you. If you don't, just tell me, I wanna know the truth. I mean, its not the first time that I have been rejected.


Her: I like my life right now.


Her: I'm not rejecting you--I just have the tendency to push people away when I'm unsure or well stressed. Honestly I'm pretty confused about every aspect of...*words cuts out* (We are both using a cellphone).


Her: I don't know what I want from you. But I do know that I would never want to hurt you.


Me: Thanks for the insight.


Her: OK-I don't know what else to say. I would like to be friends. Beyond that, I'm not sure.


Me: I know you like your life right now. I'm not asking you for a serious commitment-I'm not ready for that yet. All I mean is just on a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship (High school thing). So were gonna be friends then?


Her: *No response* (hanged up)


Basically, I just wanted to know if were going to something more. If not, then I have been barking in the wrong tree. Plus, I kept on ignoring this girl (one of our co-workers)who is leaving in one week for good. This girl had expressed her feelings for me, but I kept on ignoring her because of this girl. I just don't want to find out that she likes someone else and I just wasted my time on her.



What's you're take on our situation and our phone call




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She does not want to go out with you; but she also does not want you to hate her. And based on what you said she has someone else who she may be considering a relationship with. She dropped the phone because she believed her statements were clear enough and you should have gotten the hint that she does not want any special male-female relationship with you. At least not at the moment. apparently


At least that's the way things stand for now. She is simply saying "no". Keep us informed on your progress and try to clarify your story if you have been misunderstood.



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