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Very Confused.....need help asap


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It is good to be back at enotalone. I might as well just get to the point. It all started last spring. I met a girl and we started talking frequently. The summer passed by, and we rarely saw eachother. Senior year began. THis girl and I started to hang out more often and talk more often. I really started to like her about a month ago. I realized how special she was and how much i enjoy spending time with her. For the past few weeks I have been contemplaying whether to ask her out or not and have asked many people for advice. Here is where it gets interesting....Two nights ago her away message was basically "Tell me if you like me, I need to know." WOndering who it was directed towards I asked one of her friends and she said.."YES!!!" Now I finally got the information I was looking for. So Friday passed and caled her twice but she never picked up. We ended up talking online till 2am though. I am wondering how soon I should call her up and how I should go about asking her out. Thanks in advance for the advice....appreciate it.




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From what you've said you really think a lot of her and you finally know that she is thinking along the same lines as you. If her away message was directed at you then I'd say to go for it - ask her out now! If you're not too shy (I would be!) then I'd ask her in person - don't just say 'do you want to go for a drink/see a film?' - make it clear that you want it to be a proper date!


I've been going through a similar thing - trying to turn friendship into more - doesn't help that we're both quite shy but we are finally together - although its still a bit awkward at the moment.


I'm determined to sort things out though and make it work - we both are.


But from what I've learnt, you can't let chances just slip away - that away message sounds like its her way of letting you know she's interested, so go for it!


Let us know how you get on.

Thinking of you.

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