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I've known this girl for almost a year now but things about us are not clear until now. The thing is that she has a boyfriend for also a year now. I tried to court her before but to no avail because she preferred to keep his boyfriend. We decided to be just friends, yes we became really close, she cuts class just to chat and things like that, I know that she likes me.


But I have decided to keep distance from her for almost 6 months, It still hurts me knowing she still has a boyfriend. Just when I thought that everything is back to normal and I can finally get over her...Our paths crossed again, we became much more closer this time. When I was in the hospital, she would always be the one calling me on my celphone just to find out how Im doing. After I got well, she told me she is having terrible fights with her boyfriend and it was not the first time that they had this terrible kind of fight. She told me that she doesn't know what she's going to do next and evertime she makes a decision about it, she always failed. I think i know what she's saying...She had thoughts of breaking up with him, but never really did it, I guess there are just some girls who'd prefer to keep their current relationship than enter a new one. But yesterday in school, It so happened that the classes were cutted off, we talked almost the whole day and she invited me to watch a play together, after watching, we spent the rest of the night just outside her dormitory, I thanked her for the concern when I was confined, I was putting my arms all over her shoulders, We held hands(i kissed her hands too with her other hand touching softly my face)just before I went home. The problem is I am falling in love again with the girl who broke my heart a couple of months ago, Im really confused weather whatever it is that I'm going to do next, I have no Idea whatever decision she had made about breaking up with him, I didnt want to ask her this because I feel awkward and sound like i would want to take advantage.

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Well if she decides to stay in the relationship with her bf then you shouldn't mess with her. Still be her friend and support her in her decision if thats what she decides to do because friendship can last a life time but a girlfriends hardly ever do. As for talking about it with her just ask her how things between them are going and don't probe at it if she wants to tell you she will.


But don't try to get between them if she doesn't want to let him go. If you do you two might get together but its doubtful anything would last from it. And on your part it would show a true lack of character. Also think she broke your heart once before do you want to go through it again?? There are plenty of other ppl out there believe me i'm just starting to get over my ex gf who left me for my bf.

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the fact that this girl left you kissing her hand etc means that she does like you but the prob is her boyfriend. if you let her know that you are interested in building a special relationship with her she might realise that the guy she really likes is you. it is not really fair on the other guy but in love there are no rules.

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