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Anyone ever fallen in love with a friend? Please Read

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Hi Folks..


I've Posted a few times on this board asking for advice about a girl I liked and well i'll let you know the run-down.


i met a girl in july, we exchanged numbers and met about 2/3times went for lunch, a trip to the zoo and the cinema. We went out one night had a few drinks and got drunk and then we kissed, She texted me nxt day saying she was sorry to lead me on but seen me only as a friend. I was a little hurt but I was ok about it I deceided to be friends but I tried to move on. We hung out more and did cool things and had lots of fun,


Then she asked to kiss me one time about a month after she said she wanted to be friends, we weren't drunk but i know i shouldn't have but i did kiss her. we kissed a few times now and then. and last few weeks i began falling for her and last night she told me she cared so much for me and she wanted me to be her boyfriend. I was shocked and very happy, the truth was inside I was getting over her but the last 2 weeks i began falling for her again so I deceided to go for it.


We are officially going out as boyfriend/girlfrined.


What I am trying to say is thank you to all for their help and posts and also for people who like a girl or a guy just hang in there it could work out, my girl seen me as the guy I wanted her to see me but it took her 4months to admit to it.. Honestly.. Nice guys don't always finish last..


anyone else been in same situation and it worked out well in the end..


take care folks and best of luck

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Same thing has happened with me.


Only that my girl is my supervisor at work. We started going out about 2 months ago; just as friends. We have the same taste in music, the degree that we both are pursuing are almost the same (both in the entertainment business), we enjoy each other's company. But, I never tried kissing her or making moves on her, as she is still my supervisor (I respect her as one). Since I told her my feelings, we became much closer. While at work, I still regard her as my supervisor and I have to hide my feelings for her, so we both would not spark any negative thoughts among our co-workers, and I don't want to be the cause of her not getting the asst manager position. Outside of work, that all changes.

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Hey indie,


I remember reading a couple of your posts way back during summer, when I was going through a similar thing...


I'm happy to see things work out for you. I guess there is hope for all the "nice guy/friends" out there. Anyway, best of luck with your relationship! "You're so money!"

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