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Do I leave or do I stay? - Please Help

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Hello...This is actually quite a good thing but I need help deciding what to do!


I am about to finish my three year course training to be a nurse, and I love my job. My partner has been offered a job in Australia and wants me to go with him..."great!!! I love him and we are doing fabulously...". However, getting a nursing job in Australia requires that I need at least one year's experience post graduation and that's were the problem is. The job that has been offered to my partner means that I can go there on his visa and live in Syndey..we can surf and do all the sports we love together. However, I worry that I won't be able to get a job as a nurse out there and will have to get a job as a Health Care Assistant, which is ok but its not what I am trained for.


I am not an impulsive person but my gut instinct is saying "go for it" but my head is saying that I should be loyal to my college and work a year here but then this job that has been offered to my bf is unlikely to come up again (its a british company) and I think I just wanted someone to tell me what they would do. I think I am just frightened of leaving the UK,my family and friends and moving somewhere completely new...I am frightened of making new friends or people not liking me, I am scared of change generally and this would be a whopper...but at the same time I know that if I didn't do it with my bf I would never go alone...and if I waited a year here to get experienced I may enjoy it here in a new job so much that I wouldn't want to move...


Any advice would be greatly received!!

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My personal opinion is that I would probally go. I have always wanted to go the down under. I say it is a once in a life time oppertunity and you can work as an assistant for a year then become a nurse down there. Am I right about working a year and then becoming a nurse there??? I would look into that and find out what the deal is then make your decision.


I would definitly go if I were you.


Good luck,


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Go for it.


Im pretty sure that you are fairly young so why not? Its always scary taking risks but you never know what opportunities and experiances could be waiting at the other side.You have worked hard for your nursing, but you should also give yourself the opportunity to have fun and to do some things you might not get the chnace to do again.


You will always be able to get a nursing job,maybe not the one you're after if you do go,but you can always come back to the uk.Nothings written in stone here.


Just do it i know its hard if you like to be organised and like to plan things.


'Feel the fear and do it anyway'


Hope i helped.

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hey SwinFox...thanks for your reply...


I hear what you are saying but I probably will go without working in the UK first...only because its unlikely that my bf will get this specific job opportunity again (he is 29 and you have to be under 30 to get into Australia with his qualifications and job description)...


Lifetime or not, I have always wanted to travel but I know for a fact I would never do it on my own and this just seems the right opportunity as I will have nothing here to hold me back...If I just started in a job I would feel unable to leave it suddenly...but as the course is about to end I feel that I can give myself a year or so out and just take this opportunity..If I don't like it I come back its as simple as that...(that bit we have discussed!)..


Thanks again and boy have I missed this place!!!!

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I think you're making a wise decision. Nursing seems to be in high demand, so I don't foresee a problem with you finding a way to stand on your own if things don't work out. This is a chance in a lifetime, and I suggest grabbing it with both hands. It will also be a way for you to see if this relationship is really what you want/need because a friend of mine did something similar to this where she moved with no family or friends to help her. It was just her and her husband and they survived quite well and learned to grow together. I wish the same for you and your boyfriend! Good luck, and have fun!!

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I have the solution!


Let your boyfriend go ahead of you. Set up camp and get settled with his job. You stay behind and get your year of experience. It's only 1 year! Then you show up a year later to a home and friends that he has made and a good job.


If this is meant to be, then it's time to start planning for the long run. This is also a great test to see if each of you are really serious about your future!


Good luck!!

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