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Ok here is the big picture Well I have liked this girl for over a year now about 3 months a go we hooked up it went for a month then we broke up I did not talk to her or see her for a month then out of the blue she called me up and we got back to gether. Now you would think that this would be the end of my problem well you are wrong last night I found out that she got actived and is going to Iraq. That was a big blow to me. I love her with all of my hart. I dont want to see her go there becouse there is a high chance that she would be killed. I have found ways for her not to go like changing unit before they go out there. I want to tell her how I feel for her I want to tell her that I love her. Do you think that I should tell her that I love her? Or that I want her to stay here with me? When she goes out there she will be gone for 18 months at lease. I dont want to lose her. I have a strong felling that I wont see her agen. Is it selfesh that I want her to stay here with me? I am so lost on what to do. Well thanks for reading this and please help me.

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Hello there,


I understand that you just got back with your girlfriend. I also understand she is leaving for Iraq for quite a long time.


I hear you on this one. A guy I just recently got involved with is joining the Air Force in January and I know his chances of being shipped out are fairly high. I also know his chances of being injured are high as well. It's not an easy idea to be facing, even if you haven't been dating someone long.


I suggest you talk to her about your problems and see how she feels. I don't know that much about the military, but I have heard it's not easy to get out of. What I'm doing is just enjoying the time I have with my guy until he leaves for boot camp, and then when he returns I'll be praying everyday the war will end.


If there is a way that she could stay, why not suggest it to her. As one said before, you should tell her how you feel because you'll regret it if you don't. Be honest with your feelings, and listen to her with whatever she feels. It is not selfish for you to want her to stay, nobody wants someone they care about to go fight a war. Talk to her and see what you can do, if nothing else, just savor the time you have and pray that she will return home safely. She will be in all of our prayers along with everyone who is fighting in Iraq.


Best wishes!

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