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Hey This Ones For the GuyS~

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Hey guys....

U gotta help me on this one. When an extremely shy guy likes a gurl how may he react to her...show her that he likes her? Something like always paying attention to her...looking her in the eyes all the time! Can act kool in front of friends but when alone is a sweetheart. Are these some signs and if there is some more that u guys can think of, please feel free to reply back! I need all the help i can get...ThanX A Bunch GUyZ! and gurls please feel free to speak ur mind on what are some signs that guys have done to show u that they like u~


Your friend


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hmmm, a shy guy....no offense to shy guys, but they are some what like a girl. They usually look away if they see you ook at them, although if you are looking first, they often can maintain eye contact. One good way, is to walk by him and just as you pass, look back and see if he is looking at you. If he is and then looks away real fast (feeling embarrassed because he got caught looking at you) then that's a good sign. If he smiles at you or kinda tries to walk past you or hangs around your general area but never really walks up to you, kinda like a girl would do lol, then yeah, that's a good sign too. oh, and btw, if he looks as if he's looking at the ground when you look at him after you pass him, he's not looking at the ground.

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Hehe us shy guys are hard to read. Eye contact is one of them, the main one is if we open up to you that is a good sign but you wont know unless we get the guts to ask you out (that may take months) or you ask us out, dont come on to strong. Or you might scare them away.

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I'm a little shy, but if I KNOW a girl is interested in me then I open up a whole lot. You'll know I like you because I'll show interest in ONLY you(no matter who else is around). I'll say things to you, but EVERY other girl on the planet will get very little attention. Believe me, you'd noticed it. I'll look at you and stare for a moment so you know I'm feeln' you, make quick jokes or say hi when I have the chance(if you're not busy). Yes, If you are busy I won't bother you and it might seem like I'm avoiding you or don't like you. That's not true. As long as I give you that stare and attempt to get within touching-range of you, you have nothing to be shy about. Every guy is different and I'm real different because I won't cheat and won't get crazy judgemental about who you are. I want the person I like to feel like they can say ANYTHING they want around me.

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