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Do you agree with this statement?

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I heard this on a radio:


(This was a part of a paragraph)


Women (or men for that matter) who are from broken families find it hard to be emotionally attached to their partners. It is because they're never felt love and affection and they have a hard time to show it to their partners.

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Do not agree, thats too cookie cutter a statement.


Some two parent homes are violent and always fighting, you think a child will be loving and affectionate just because he had two parents in that kind of environment?


Some two parent homes are not loving to their kids, workaholics that dont spend much time with them, what about those kids?


And at what age does this effect occur? what if you had two loving parents and one died when you were 9? or 12? or 14 years old, at what age does it become a problem?


There are single parent homes where the single parent give their children more attention and love then some two family home parents give combined.


What about Two parent homes where one parent travels a lot, father only shows up once in a while?


its rediculous to make a broad statement like that.


I usually hear that hogwash on those right wing AM radio shows that like to push their agenda and religious beliefs. they make for a good laugh sometimes while in traffic.


I will say this, if you compare a home with two loving parents that are together from the time the baby is born until its an adult, with that of a single mom. where the father was never there, then yes, under those circumstances you will have a higher percentage of emotionally balanced children. but there are no gaurantees of this.


genetics and the environment have a lot to say in it too.

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Everyone's got their own ways and thinking but hmm let me think. I'm not quite sure, people like that could be afraid to love as they've often been neglected by those who love but that wouldn't necessarily be the case that they won't be emotionally attached, they could just not be showing it or hiding it inside. So i'd agree with the "they have a hard time to show it to their partners" part...


Happy Heb

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i disagree, to a degree i feel that someone could actually return more love through not experiancing such an intense emotion as what is given of in a relationship.

i cant count for every person, but i feel that the statement is incorrect to a majority of people.

there is a choice in how you are to feel, love or give your feelings to some one. in some exten there may be a reflection or a fear of an emotion, but i dont feel it will count for them being and giving the same as what they got.


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