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Do men like virgins?


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I think I'd rather date a girl that was a virgin, than a girl that has been with a lot of guys. This is mainly becuase in my opinion girls who are not virgins are more likely to have an STD (unless they are very careful with who they sleep with) than a girl that is a virgin and I'm not the kind of guy that would stop seeing a girl if I found out she was a virgin. I wouldn't have a problem with it at all and would never force a girl to lose her virginity.

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Do you think most men would prefer a virgin or not?
are some men attracted to virgins?




there are different reason why many would like a virgin. one is to be someones first, it makes them feel special that they were trusted with the task. other reasons, that she is "pure" untouched.


having been the first for two virgins in my life, I have no desire to actually want to be with one for just that reason. its really not all that pleasurable. its more like work. If by miracle I fall in love with a girl thats a virgin still, then it would be a pleasure, because she loves me, and I her.


As an adult, its not important to me whether a girl is a virgin or not, or whetehr they have had sex o times or 100, its just childish. I will be with that person for who they are with me right now.

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I would not prefer a virgin but would like someone who has maybe had only one or two partners. The girl I am trying to see right now has only had two partners and that is awesome to me. Most of the girls I have been with have been in the 30's and 40's (partners) . Rediculous but I didnt find out until after I had made the commitment. The number of partners doesnt really have much of an impact on me as you can tell, but I do feel things will last longer (relationship wise) with a girl who has fewer partners. I do not really want to be with a virgin because it would just be too awkward for me. Plus having to teach a girl and go super slow is not my thing. It is hard to explain but I am sure most guys can relate. I am sure it is the same for women though. They dont want a guy who cant use his tool correctly . I would only want to be with a virgin if I was a still a virgin. But like someone said, it doesnt matter at all though if you truly care about the person. But we are talking preference on this topic so there it is 8)


My friends joke around about virgins being a good catch only because you get to "pop their cherries" and it will be super "tight". I have girls I can call for good sex if I need it so I dont think a virgin would be someone I would be attracted to. I feel comfortable with those girls and dont have to worry about showing them the ropes and being extra careful.

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ok.. im a girl and a virgin so im not an expert obviously, i not even experienced lol but i would imagine it doesnt matter as long as u love the person ur doing it with. teaching a virgin the ropes would probably b an extremely intamint (sry i cant spell right now, dang spanish homework) experience. besides, as the saying goes, 'virginity is a gift u can give only once..' consider urself lucky if u get it.

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I like virgins. I'm a virgin. I want to marry a virgin. I want to lose my virginity to a virgin. I'll make love to her and turn her into a woman and she'll turn me into a man. We'll spend the rest of our lives loving and taking care of each other.


One penis, one vagina, one love for all eternity, Amen!

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