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  1. I agree that I need to be firm. The only issue is, if I stand up for myself, I somehow turn into the bad guy. No one ever hold her accountable or believes others over her. She has a way of twisting and playing the victim. I think my husband can see in sometimes but she is even good with manipulating him to believe things.
  2. This makes sense when I think of all her behavior as a whole. It makes me honestly concerned that she would do something crazy with the baby (think lifetime movie network) due to her jealous. She also does a lot of bashing of others (including of me) behind people's backs. Kind of something you would expect from a teenage but not someone in their 60's. Like my husband just came home from dropping by his mom's. She told him she is going to finally break down and get the covid vaccine, because she is worried I won't let her see her grandchild if she doesn't. While I'm happy she is going th
  3. The one I got was the Palmer's Coco Butter for Stretch Marks. It looks like it was already opened, so I'm a little scared. Eek!
  4. I sounds like I should take the high road and killer her with kindness. I get that I'm not entitled to any gifts, it was more the embarrassment factor and the fact that her actions seemed very purposeful. If you want some more "laughs" she also did the following at the shower: She was incharge of the logistical setting-up part of the shower (not financial). She really wanted to do it because she is the type that needs to be in charge. She moved tables around so that I would sit alone at the restaurant at a small table and everyone else sat at 2 big table. That way I was not able to s
  5. My MIL is manipulative and a narcissist. At my baby shower last week she gifted me stretch mark cream....nothing for the baby. I'm assuming this was an intentional move that I can't figure out. Anyways, how do I word a thank you note for that one? Do I take the high road and tell her how amazing it is? You should have seen the look on my friend's faces when I opened it. :)
  6. He will not put up with it if it is obviously bad. In that past (many years ago) he put his foot down and did not speak to her for a while and she did not speak to him. Recently though, she has figured out a game to have him in her grasp. She started giving and buying him things......to a great degree. Now it's......."you want to disagree with your mother or say "no""...."I bought you that thing 3 months ago and this is how you treat your mother". She always refers to herself in the 3rd person.
  7. No, not until our wedding. She did a lot of shady things and was manipulative and showed her true colors to me. She maybe never liked me. I don't know. Unfortunately I lost trust in her and her motives so I feel like a have to be on guard so she dosen't pull something else on me (because it happens often). She tends to make a pleasant or happy event, and turn it into drama that no one can enjoy.
  8. That’s the odd thing is that she has not shown any excitement about the pregnancy. I overheard her asking my husband on the phone “what’s going on with all this baby shit?”. She eventually congratulated me by saying “ I heard I need to congratulate you”. I honestly feel that her need to announce it is about attention. She posts humble brags all day on facebook. I don’t know....
  9. Here's what happened with my inlaws. Before Christmas we told her that the outdoor gathering at our house was the only gathering option or we could just drop off our gifts to her. No inside stuff. MIL proceed to ask many time in the days after "so are we allowed inside when we come over". My husband said "no" and she said she "had no words". I eventually had to text her and tell her my reasoning. She said "I'll make it easy on you, I will just drop of the gifts and leave. Maybe we can have a better christmas next year". I offered a party in our outdoor garage/man cave area or a zoom ga
  10. Thank you for the advice. I see a lot of people saying it was my choice to get pregnant. Absolutely. I started the IVF process early in the year, before the pandemic and needed to finish the process because of the packaged deal I got. When I did the transfer, covid numbers were down. Even if I was not pregnant, I would prefer to not get the virus and hope that my in laws would want to take precautions out of respect for health in general. The problem is that they don't. My parents do want to take precautions. I also see a lot of comments about "if you don't see one side of the fam
  11. Thank you all. I guess I should clarify that if we get together, his parents would be coming to our house, so I wouldn’t be able to just say home and avoid the gathering.
  12. My mother in law is doing the whole guilt trip to my husband about getting together during Christmas. Her husband is a hospital worker and other family member is at school all day where there are positive cases. My husband just told me that she wants to get together tomorrow and exchange gifts and have "family time'. My husband originally thought we would just exchange gifts outside and that would be that. Now my MIL is doing the guilt trip. It didn't help that my husband told his mother that we are going to my parents for Christmas. The only reason why we are going there is because they
  13. I just meant they hadn't spoken in a long time prior to that post, since she said "miss you buddy". Then after she posted that is when the re-connection would have started. They have been friends for years on Facebook but not the kind that usually "connected" on facebook in the past with comments, etc.
  14. 1. Yes my husband told me about the plans but he brought the ski plans up after he claims he blocked her. (He said he blocked her about a week before she contacted me and he was still planning on skiing well after that). So, unless he is lying about when he blocked her, I don't know. He goes out of town about once a month for one night each time. He does this for work. He stays with our friend and I can confirm that. 2. I don't have any knowledge of this. They would have started talking in just the last 5 weeks, after she wrote on his facebook page on their Friendiversary "Miss you bu
  15. I see that the thread is still going, so I thought I would add some more thoughts/happenings. I still don't know what to believe, but I do think/hope he has learned a lesson or two. I'm trying to get over this and all the "what ifs" in my head. Things at home seem to be "business as usual". He got a text last night and I asked him who it was (given the recent situation, letting him know that I was on alert). It was one of his male friends and he offered to show me the text, which her did. He has never done that before. The Ski Trip would have been a less than 24 hr. trip. Not "
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