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Hi Crazyinlove,


I don't know - should you !?! Are you?


Don't try to force feelings that you don't have on yourself !!


I don't really see a problem with it, but you could always get a picture of yourself for him to put in his wallet or something ?


Hope this helps you some,

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Hi there and welcome,


Is it possible he's lost your picture and is too embarrassed to ask you for another one?


I'd suggest what SwingFox said. Give him a picture he's be crazy to pass up. Then give him another one he can show to friends


If he isn't carrying your picture after that, well then you can get mad

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I'm going to agree with SwingFox. Get a picture of the 2 of you. When I was with my ex, she mentioned/hinted (the normal things women do when they want something) that she never had a good picture of us together. She has all kinds of photos of us but not a nice one. So for our 2 year aniversary I scanned all the pictures in the computer and made a collage of all our photos and got it printed in real good quality.


She loved it.

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I have pictures of old gal friends (not girl friends). I tend to tell my girlfriend about these girls before they see the picture as to devoid from any problems. They are all along my mirror with all my guy friends too. Easy enough to say when GF walks in "Oh, those are all my friends from NJ"


Perhaps he had good memories of some of those girls. I do have 2 - 3 of one girl that did mean alot to me.

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