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Hope this helps at least one person.

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I'm posting this in the hopes of helping someone still hung up on a lost love. About 3 months ago my wife left me for someone else while I was in Iraq. I went through various feeling from anger to sadness. I even thought about killing myself. I'm a shy person so this was really my first relationship and I thought that I would never find anyone else. Since I'm not good in a social environment I could really go to clubs or bars so I decided to try an online dating site. So I posted my profile and a few days later I got a e-mail. Eventually me a this girl met and we hit it off. This girl has helped me realize that if a girl hurts me she isn't worth my time and that there are others out there that'll appreciate the things you do. What I'm trying to say is don't give up and things do get easier when you decide to move on. Think of it as a new beginning in life. There's a whole world of people to meet don't give up.

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Good attitude to adopt. That's a great way to be looking at things.

I to am in a similar situation, but I wasn't married. But I have found someone else and her and I have a lot in common and we appreciate each other and the things we do for each other.

Good post. I'm sure it will help someone realize that the world is a big place full of wonder and lots of great people. All the best to you.


"Too much graceful drapery obscures the strength of the body beneath."


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Well a similar thing happened to me. My Girlfriend of 6 years left me a month ago and I was devastated. I somehow have made it through a month now but a week ago I met a new girl. We went out on 3 consecutive dates and I thought she we were headed into a relationship (she was holding my hand and calling me her man) although I told her I didn't want to rush things. Well the day after the 3rd date, we had plans to hang out but she called and cancelled. I talked to her the next day and asked if she wanted to hang out and but she gave me a lame excuse and said no. Well, I started getting sad and thought nothing of it but decided to call her the next day. Well that day she told me I was rushing things and she didn't want a relationship or to be tied down. She didn't know if we should hang out anymore and just ended the call with "I guess I'll talk to you later". I haven't talked to her since and that was almost a week ago.


So now I am in a weird place. I feel like I've been broken up with even though I only knew this girl 3 days. Where do I go from here? By the way I really liked this girl and saw us together but in the future, not right now.

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I understand about the rushing thing. I too have met someone who I like and feel if I don't back off a bit I will scare her, she is a few years older and done with all the bs and doubt she wants a needy guy. We had a few intense moments last night of kissing and fooling around and I felt on top of the world, I called her today and she seemed kind of like whatever, I told her how nice last night was and she said the same but I know that I need to not call her this week and let her come to me when she wants to. Maybe you should give her a call and ask her out for next weekend. Tell her you don't want to jump into anything either and that you would like to get to know her better and that there is no pressure on your end.

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