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To all members, I finally found the light

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I can remember when my ex first dumped me around 8 months ago, the pain the grief I felt. I couldnt move on no matter how hard I tried, I just couldnt let go. After about 5 months I tried forcing it a little bit and started dating a little bit. As you probably could guess that went real well........not really though, I was still pretty hung up on it. She'd found someone new within days, why couldnt I just move on is what I kept thinking. Finally I took a step back because I realized I wasnt read, I was still grieving. Then the day came about a month ago where one of her roommates ended up contacting me, we had a talk about how things were etc. I was informed of alot of things that I knew were true, but I still needed to hear. Somewhere in the conversation I was able to let go, I was finally ready to to remember how to live again without her. It's a long painful process, but it does get better I promise you, I found someone new recently and were hitting it off pretty good. I hope this post will help someone to realize that it does get better. I know when I was grieving I heard it alot and I didn't think it was true. Believe me when I say this, its the best feeling in the world when you can say to yourself "I feel normal again"

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