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putting my baby to day-care. dont know how to use a bottle

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I'm thinking about putting my 6 1/2 month old baby to daycare in a couple of months. Does it have to be really emotional? She doesn't even know how to use a bottle yet. Been trying to teach her. Doesn't want it. Used to my boob. Have to work. Need the money. Don't know how she will adapt to a new environment. Does it have to be very emotional? She isn't used to seeing people. Sooner or later, she'll have to. How do I put her on a bottle??? She won't take it!

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I know this is not the answer to your question, but none of our three kids ever had a bottle or a soother (pacifier) even, and they were just fine. They did have sipper cups though. (And no, we're not mean, heartless parents, it just didn't seem to be an issue).


Somebody else will likely have better luck getting her to take a bottle though, because they're not you so she won't automatically expect what she's used to with you. Do you have a friend or relative that would try getting her to take a bottle while you step out for a while?


This is where the moms should step in ...

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Try different nipple shapes and materials if she's gonna need a bottle - some babies, especially ones that start on the breast, can be pretty darn particular. And any of the latex ones might have a strong odor, even after washing, so soak those in either a mild dish soap and water or baking soda and water overnight, then wash again - the flavor of latex isn't a winner


Umm, also check the hole size - breasts generally allow more flow than some, so you might want to experiment by putting a toothpick in the hole overnight to stretch it a bit if she tries and gets quickly frustrated.


And yeah, she'll probably take it better from ANYONE but you - she knows what she wants from you, and it's NOT a bottle lol... She will smell MILK and head for your bosom - and ignore anything else.


Uhh, and I hate to ask - but have you already planned for pumping at work and such?

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