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I have been with this man for over a year now, and I dont trust him. i have tried to let him go, but I can't I love him so much and I'm afraid of losing him. I'm afraid that the problems in this relationship are all my fault and that if he leaves its because I pushed him to go. I am crying now As i'm typing this. I am so unhappy because I dont' trust I can't trust, I don't know how to trust.


Last night at around 12 He received a private call from a blocked number....I answered his phone and no one answered but I heard music in the back round. it sounded like someone was driving and playing music. i put the phone to his ear and he answered and still no one responded. I asked him why is he getting these calls and he said "I don't know" I don't know who it is, I didnt do nothing I'm not doing nothing, I don't know.


I feel like he is cheating on me but is not telling me. I am hurting so bad inside. Sometimes I want to let him go, but I don't have the strength can someone please help me. HAve i pushed him to it...? Is he so mad at me for accusing him that he is doing it...Or am I paranoid. Please help.

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Ok to start off I went through a similar situation look at topic him, but

anyways someone was calling my house at all sorts of hours of the day

until I finally did the *69 thing and found the girl on the other side of the

line had all sorts to say. Lisin I have no idea if your guy is doing the same

thing that my guy was but you shouldnt feel badly towards yourself

for wanting to know what's really going on, and further more next time it happens tell him if anything is going on that you have the right to know

tell him if anything was going on with you, you would tell him the truth

because it's deserved, just like you deserve to know what's going on.

It maybe nothing but you should be able to feel comfortable enough

with person your with and be able to trust them. Well I hope this helps

you with your problem, and I hope that the call was nothing,well good

luck with whatever happens and be true to yourself and your gut feelings

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Hello Sorry


Have other things happened in the past that you have confirmed he lied to you? did he ever cheat on you in the past?


If this was a random incident (you only mentioned this one) it was probably a redial.


I have a Nokia phone with no flap, and it often will redial a phone and make a call on its own. just last week when I was driving from Virginia, it auto redialed and later they asked me why I called and never answered (they had caller ID).


If something like that happened it would explain it, usually when im gonna call someone I will turn the music off. so I wondering if this was just not an Auto redial button that got bumped.


What concerns me is why you have this distrust? listen sometimes guys and girls get someone with a crush on them doesnt mean they are going to go through with it, and they may not tell you because they know you will get upset or because mayby its a cooworker and he knows it will make you jealous.


So dont jump to conclusions, you didnt mention anything else that has happened, so I dont think your reacting in a healty manner just because of one wrong number, everyone gets these things.

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Greetings sorry4b4,


Well maybe you have to think is there is anything your bf can do to regain your trust. The relationship is build on trust. That`s why I suggested you to have a chat with him. And well if he is ignoring you, that`s a clear signal something is wrong.


P.S Don`t cry. You are a good person and things will work out for you eventually!




All the best,



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thats what I thought, I knew there must have been something in the past that made you feel this way now.


Ok, relationship need trust to work, what he did in August made you lose that trust. deep inside you, you have not forgiven him for this, you broke up with him at that time, but not enough time went by to heal and forget.


And although he didnt cheat? on you, he lied, and hid behind your back. so any little thing, like this phone call brings up all that mistrust.


This is a serious issue, there are few books out on forgiving a cheating spouse, I suggest you get one and practice the elements in them.


If he is doing these things, then you will need to leave him, thats all, after all, he did do wrong last August, and i am not sure I trust him myself. your feelings may be correct.

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I don't think this guy sounds very trustworthy or understanding.


I think that you are SMART for not trusting him, until he's earned it. Cheat on me once, shame on you, cheat on me twice, shame on me!


Have you had similair situations in your relationships?

Do you have trust issues in other areas of your life?

Have you been cheated on or have you cheated in the past?



You are not alone!

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