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boyfriend and evil stepsis/my ex best friend

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my new boyfriends step sis (my x best friend) got pissed at him for going out with me(she doesnt like me) so now she's going to think we broke up, but we're really going out behind her back. i hate that she put him in this position and that we have to do this! (they are really close, and she wouldnt talk to him because of going out with me) i think it's wrong to use their closeness to control his relationship with me! plus shes putting stress on him that he doesn't deserve! comments please!


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Hello there,


I understand your boyfriend's step sister is causing problems to your relationship.


Is there any particular reason why this girl does not like you? Could it be perhaps that it's not YOU she doesn't like, but maybe just that her stepbrother is spending time with someone else and not her? Or maybe she's just overprotective of him? I suggest you find out why she doesn't like you and go to her yourself. In this way, your boyfriend would feel that you were really trying to make things work between both you and her, as well as you and him. This will also show the step sister that you very much value her step brother and you are willing to try to work things out with her so that he can be happy. She may learn to respect you for trying to make things work instead of just putting your boyfriend between a rock and a hard place by complaining about her.


I suggest you take the initiative and solve things with this girl yourself. It is not fair to you or your boyfriend to be denied a relationship because of someone else's interference. I hope this helped.


Best wishes!

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