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don't know what she is thinking...very confused


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Alright, here is the deal...


I met this girl and we went out exactly two weeks ago. We had a great time and even kissed at the end of the night. We had so much in common, and it was so fun. Later that week, Thursday, I went over to her house and watched a movie and we cuddled during and after the movie. It was great as well. But then, I haven't seen her since then and it will be two weeks this Thursday. I have talked to her over the phone a few times, but that is it, and I have called her everytime. So, I finally got to talking to a mutual friend today, and she told me that she had saw her ex-boyfriend the night that her and I went out to eat and that freaked her out. I really didn't think about it that much at the time when she saw her because she said it was her ex boyfriend. But, then my friend told me that she slept with him last week and that she has been dealing with him since the last time we talked. I don't know what to do anymore. I am completely confused. One week goes great, like we have something going, and then, all of the sudden, it stops and she is back talking to her ex. Why did she not just tell me instead of making me wonder what was going on? Should I call her or confront her in person about this situation, because it really pisses me off. Even when we went out, she said she was not a girl that played games, that if she did not like someone, she would just tell them. Well pardon me, but what the hell is she doing with me? Seems like a game to me...I just want as much advice I can get on what I should do about this situation. I know a lot of you are probably thinking that I should just forget about her, but we had such a great time and have so much in common it is unbelievable. I just wish I could understand a woman better. Please help!!!

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I feel your pain. And I'm sorry this is happening to you.

She most likely didn't tell you because she doesn't know how to tell you, or she is too wrapped up with herself to think about anything but her and her situation. And that is a pretty stinky game shes playing. If you call her becareful because if you make her feel uncomfortable (I know she has upset you, but trust me) she'll push away from you and may not be open to talking with you about it. I'm not going to tell you to drop her and shes no good for you because that won't help you or get you anywhere. If you did forget about her now you would be constantly wondering what happened, whats going on, why is this happening. So try to talk to her and hopefully she has things figured out enough to give you a solid explaination. I hope things go ok for you.

Hoping for the best,


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In person is the best way to talk with her about because she can see you, your hurt, and you can see her face and how she really feels about whats going on. The phone also works because you can tell a lot by a persons voice, so that is a possiblity also. Emails are nice because it gives her time to think about things but than again, she may not write back anytime soon leaving you and the situation neglected. The phone and in person are great though because the person has to know what is going on and know answers, they still get time to think, just not as long as an email. Hope things get better.


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Hey buddy,


OK, you known her a few weeks, but you like her a lot already right? Well, in that case my advice is to not piss about and tell her the score, I dont mean blurt a load of crap about how much you like her, just confront her about what shes thinking and if shes see's the two of you making any further progress in a relationship.


You have nothing to lose as right now you have nothing anyway right?


Go find out the truth and dont take any excuses from her, if she hits you with them then your better off without her!


Good luck.

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sorry bud

sounds kind of rough. i was there at one time. you keep wondering why and what could you have done and did she just fake all that stuff you felt from her when you were together. so the reason is man probably because she is young and dumb and you are probably young and probably shes a doll and you fall real quickly and people i guess fall at different speeds.


i think you should stop the chit chat and ask her out... be REAL COOL, dont get into it, dont be weak and cry or whatever. she aint yours you know and maybe youre screwed because she likes this other guy but if you like her...your gonna have to stick your neck out and go for it.


almost this exact thing, and i mean this exact thing happened to me a long time ago and this is why i even read this board cuz i know how people feel in this type of situation and i wanna help. i ended up marrying the girl so i can tell you anything is possible...good luck

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