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Hey everyone at eNotalone. This isn't my first time coming to you guys for advice, but right now I could use some advice/comfort. Before I had posted about this girl that I had stong feelings for; a friend whom I got closer with over time. Needless to say we started dating and things have been going great. We share many common interests, I find her extremely attractive, she has a great sense of humor, and we act like ourselves around each other... I could go on and on.


We've been dating for about a month now (officially) although we've been seeing each other for about three months. I've done everything I can to make a solid connection with this girl to ensure a good realtionship and its been working great. I even got to know her friends better because I thought it would eb a good thing to do... Boy was I ever WRONG!


My g/f's best friend, who's opinion she values quite highly, told her that it bothered her that I was dating her. She said that because of it, her and I didn't have the same type of friendship. It's crayzee though because I hadn't had a friendhip with this girl until I started dating this wonder woman (I suspect my g/f's friend has feelings for me).


I guess I'm worried that this might affect my relationship with my girlfriend. It's not as if we're big into PDA's... if anything all that we show is the odd small kiss or holding hands in public. I don't want my relationship with my girlfriend to change and I don't want to ahve to act differently in public. Why is this happening? HELP!

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Hey, P-Frenchie.


I don't know why this is happening.. Friends opinions matter, but in the end it your girlfriends desicion. The best you can do is to assure her that your feelings are true.


I, atleast, think that you have the right to know what she is thinking concering your relationship together. What problems she has is not hers alone. They're yours too because you are an important part of her life, just as she is an important part of yours.


If she wants a relationship she should be crystal clear of her intentions and feelings with and to you. But don't go accusing her friend because even she has the right to express her opinions. Just as much as you and I do. Tell your gf how you feel and talk it out. It is healthy for a relationship to have discussions because in matters such as these, confusion can easily arise. Avoid confusion and try to come to a mutual agreement, or a way to safely come to know with her feelings.


If she does not show her feelings, I suggest talking about it and about Your feelings. Without accusations or insinuations. Just be calm and clear and take it step by step because, as I said earlier, it concerns you too.


Good luck, Pal!

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