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just being me (poem)


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I look in the mirror and it's so hard to agree

To accept the person staring back at me

Dark blue eyes and long blonde hair

I see imperfections

That are not there


Here comes junior high

everyone's so cruel

where the preps always win

and the preps always rule


A size 7 jean isn't good enough

You're a wimp if you're nice, a b**ch if you're tough

You always gotta shoot higher

To get any glory

No matter where you are

It's the same ol' story


I've finally learned, not to waste my time

Trying to earn the friendship, respect, and love that is rightfully mine

No matter the pain, just live your life, be yourself

Because there's no real satisfaction in being someone else.


*Please give me some feedback people!!*

EmptySoul 8)

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wow that poem is so true, i really liked it, i think that it tells people no matter how much you try to impress someone it is never enough (in their eyes) no matter how hard youve tried.

you should just be yourslef and if people dont like you then their not worth knowing.

also there is no point in trying to be someone your not becuase the people you are trying to impress may not like the person you are trying t be so you msy as well just be yourself

anyways good poem

~LJ =;

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go on girl i loved it!

isnt it so true the portrayal upon people today you either have to be perfect or your not worth the dirt on some peoples shoes.

why is it like this? i was to never think that it would get as devious a world as what it is today. the slightest imperfection are put under the microscope for everyone to see.


a very inspirational poem.

great work.



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