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Alone with a child

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Hi everyone. I have a 2 yr old little girl and have divorced her father. I know that I am ready to move on but not really sure where to start. I havn't been on a date in years and not really sure where to look for someone new. I have tried finding someone online but every time that a guy finds out I have a kid, they run. Any advice?

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Hello, Babymamahr01.


I am saddened that the men you have met online run away from you over that reason. It is so dumb that I don't know quite what to think. The feeling is very foreign for me and I can't quite understand it.


Every human is an individual and in that, I cannot say that all men are that poor. Now I'm not saying that you think so, but that was my first thought about us men when I heard about your problem. I changed my mind because, well, every human percieves things so very differently and that I disagree with them myself.


But you shouldn't despair. Maybe you could try a dating service or have a friend hook you up with some pal of theirs?

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most guys in online dating are only looking for a casual thing, there are the odd few who could go to commitment, but they are rare.


its always an issue for a guy dealing with a constant reminder of a girls previous partner...i.e. a kid. its like the girl can never move on entirely and the father likely to still be in her life which can cause jelousy and again issues with not moving on 100%.


most online dating sites have a profile page. if you make a note in there that you are the primary parent of the kid then guys wont approach you unless they are willing to let that slide....or they dont read profiles...(lol just kidding).


you should get some responce, not all guys run a mile, but they will be apprehensive because of the issues i mentioned above so tread carefully.


another thought is to sign up for a lot of sites so you get more feedback, or instead of trying online, try to attend some local singles nights or something. i know that will be harder with a kid, but its always worth a shot.


hope some of this stuff im churning out here has helped.



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babymamahr, sorry that you are having trouble finding a guy to date especially when you have a child. My ex-gf has 2 kids and I kmow it was hard for her to find a date b/c she has kids. Luckily when I was dating her I accepted her kids as if they were my own. Good luck with things, there will be a guy out there who will date you and accept that you have a child too.



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Hi. I am 24 years old. I'm about to go out on a date (First Date) with a woman which in my view is so beautiful and everytime I see her I get this feeling in my stomach and when she smiles at me I melt like a snowman in the middle of summer She is a single mother. Her daughter is 9 years old and she looks exactly like her mother. She's so cute and If eveything works out I plan to involve her in everything I do with her mother. My date is "about" 25-26 years old. She could surprise me though but I dont care about that at all. She speaks only in french, thank god I'm bilingual. Je parle en francais aussi. I got that english to french accent going too.


Anyways, """""***I looking for some advice, date tips, on flowers. Roses, colors too show her I like her and I mean it, I'm serious, and that I'm not playing a game and I'm no player.*****"


I could seriously fall in love with this girl If Im not carefull. See, the reason I say "carefull" is that I've been hurt in the past and I really want to avoid it. I've been single for 4 years. Well Since I moved here to Sherbrooke QC Canada. I used to live in Niagara Falls ONT but lost my job and wanted to start fresh somewhere's else. I have a GREAT job here, everything is on the up and up, and now

I meet this lovely woman. Can someone help me? Any single mother's out there?


When I asked her on this date, I left a note on her car because she was working and I didn't want to make her feel unconfortable, and I wrote " I would really like to take you and your daughter out sometime, because I would realllllly like to get to know you better, start off as friends and see where it goes. "


The day after she came too me, (we work together but not on the same team), and said she would love too but her daughter will be babysat. I knew she would say that, it didn't surprise me, but I thought it would be nice to show her Im willing to accept her daughter. As she told me she got all red, a little shy and smiled at me with her beautiful big green eyes and she made me melt again Now I need to call her, because I want to pay for her babysitter, because she needs her money to take care of herself and her daughter...what do you think?


Ok, I'll stop rambling on and on


Please oh please help me out..


Thank you.

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