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What do you prefer *cologne's / Perfume's*

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i know some people have posted similar things about "Cologne" and "Perfumes" and what smells best for both male female, Well i want to get to the bottom of what is. What in your mind is The Pinnacle of fragrances since there are so many out there, what does everyone prefer...? I'd like to hear your Ideas, For both Male and Female.


I'll start with ladies perfumes:


-Just a Few that i like personally on younger women


"Tommy Jeans"

"Tommy Girl" (different than Tommy Jeans)



"White Diamonds"


Now moving onto mens, Ok i have a lot here i like personally that i own, I'm big into fragrances...so excuse the list (lol)


The Crew

Abercrombie And Fitch "Woods"

Abercrombie and Fitch "Fierce", Similar to "Michael Jordans"

"Polo Blue" * favorite*


"Cool Water"

"Very Sexy #1"

"Very Sexy #2" (both at victoria secret) *#2 i think is better*


So add what you like, Spicy, Woody, Fresh, Sexy, Classic, Sporty, Romantic, Citrus...lets get this forum jumping...

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Both guys and girls, I like subtler stuff, guys a woodsy or spicy scent, polo, obsession etc, for myself, I like the body sprays mostly, fresh and light enough to spray all over without being overpowering. Occasionally the perfume scents - Obsession, Sunflowers, or Giorgio - but once again, I usually go for the bath/shower gel or bath beads for the all-over hint instead of the scent walking into the room ahead of me!

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