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Oral sex (with Friend) could lead to more>?


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Iv 'e been doing some rather unusual exploring on a friend of mine (mental/conversational), She is totally open about "oral Sex" and iv 'e told her some things about my past experience with "going down on a women" she seemed VERY interested in learning more, because i stated things like "g-spot stimulation" & "Clitoral Orgasm"


Any ways (lol) she wanted to see me in action *her words exact*.....one problem with that, I'm still a virgin, under the context of "going all the way" I as just wondering if she wanted me to "explore" her, because she hasn't had an orgasm yet, from what she said..I'm just scared it would lead to "sex" not just Oral, but actually going all the way, NOTE: she knows I'm a virgin, and she thinks it's sweet, whatever that means???


I'm 22, do you think i should jump on this idea..? and see where this leads too, we are NOT in a relationship, just GOOD GOOD friends, and both of us have messed around for quite a while, but never anything dealing with sex. just kissing, holding, a little touching, nothing more. i just don't want to have SEX, it's more i want to make LOVE to someone I LOVE, very confusing for me, i have no idea what to do? please help..!

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Well from what you are describing it sounds like you have a pretty good grasp of things.


You want love, she wants sex. I think its fair for you to wait awhile before doing anything with her. Talk to her and see if this is leading toward a relationship or not. If not, then I think you have your answer.

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i totally agree with you avman, I'm feeling the same thing, she just wants sex...she is very attractive, and we have been friends for about 5 years. Never has a topic like this ever started until i took her out to lunch, and she said to me "what does that look like" she was pointing as a biscuit...I died laughing, than on the way home she further continued to talk about "odd" things like


"that biscuit looked to real, Right..."


i just said


"um yea i don't think they meant to make it like that, at least i hope not"


she was laughing and so was i. than it went further, she started asking "soooo How many times have you been down town" the rest was DEEP, REALLY deep into talk. so i got the impression she just wanted Sex, or wanted to see what i knew, i think i surprised her with my knowledge, most of which I've learned thanks to this site...she just wants affection, someone for her to love her, she lost her father in a Horrible house fire, she blames herself and has for 1 year, hasn't had a b/f since, although has been asked hundreds of times by guys that i somewhat know. you think it's a good idea i ask her out...and see where i stand, i just don't want to have SEX, without first LOVE....does that makes sense?

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It makes perfect sense. I am so glad you have enough respect for yourself and your potential partner to demand love before sex.


I don't think there is anything wrong with asking her out and seeing if the relationship is more than just friendship. At least you'll know. Then if things lead down the road to physical intimacy you can deal with it then.


Just for another tidbit, I also have a female friend who LOVES to talk about sex. I've been good friends with her for years and there's never been anything else to it. She is just, well, horny a lot. I don't know how else to say it. I just know that about her and accept it. And I've sent vitamins to her husband to keep his strength up.

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Tricky one. Personally I think sex is overated outside a relationship it just doesnt feel the same (i.e. nowhere near as good), others disagree but each to their own. Seems like you are good friends and sex could ruin this but maybe there is more. Thats something only you and she can say. Go with your heart it if doesnt feel right dont do it.


But hell sometimes you just have to take the risk

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Well, yea that is just the thing, I guess she is


A.) really horny..?

b.) wants to LEARN more *which is great*

c.) can't wait to have an orgasm, *from what she says*

d.) looking for a relationship, *Not sure about this one...?*

e.) respects me and i the same, to the point of us talking about really anything and not being afraid to say what on our minds. *Strong bond*


another thing I'd like to add is after her father died and all, it was very hard for her, and me being a dear friend i think showed her that i was someone she could "trust" cause i was there for her since the night it happened. till Now, it's been a little over a year, and i Shouldn't say she is just looking for someone to love her back, that was sort of wrong, it's more a feeling of me and her acting like we are in a relationship, but we never argue, we always see eye to eye on things, and she is always saying it too, we never have a disagreement, or non that i can remember, Oh wait one time i went fishing with her (big bass fishing person here by the way) and she caught a bigger fish, But i told her it wasn't...that is the only occurrence i remember. other than that it seems as if we are going out, under the title of friends....and everyone thinks it too, yesterday we went shopping after hanging out, i went into a diamond store "Zales" the lady behind the counter said "oh your looking for a diamond for her" all quietly so she wouldn't hear it, i was just like (laughing) and said politely "nah, she is just my partner in crime" i think the lady actually thought we were thieves after i said that...LoL

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I think it is great to have a close friend of the opposite sex that you can talk with so freely & openly. I am willing to bet that if you told her you would love to pleasure her with oral sex (as you have with other women) but nothing further, she would spread her legs without hesitation. I believe she is patiently waiting & hoping that in time you will want to change the friendship to a deeper more orgasmic relationship. Let us know how this turns out.

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