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He hates me, help!

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I don't know what went wrong and now I'm trying to fix things and it's just getting worse. I was dating this guy for about two months, talking to him everyday and seeing him a few times a week. he was also seeing other people, because we had only just met. anyway, a friend of mine got very sick and passed away over a few weeks and during that time, i was acting very needy, calling him all the time. i was also away for two weeks for work, but calling him too as news of my friend's condition came down to me. when i got home, we saw each other but he was distant. anyway, after the funeral, he broke up with me. i saw him a week later and put my arms around his neck and said, tell me you don't miss me. he didn't pull away. anyway a few days later, he sent me an email that he felt very uncomfortable. he told me he's now dating four other girls and doesn't have time to see me, and that he doesn't want to start again. he said i should get over myself and him. i don't understand what went wrong. we have never had a fight and always had a great time together. he seems so mad at me. i told him i was going trhough an emotional time, that myfriend was dying, then died, but he says i sound like a broken record, and that he's moved on. do you think when he's cooled down, he will think about me? us? or is it hopeless. honestly, things were great when we were together. three weeks ago he spent the night here, after watching a movie and ordering food. what can i do to fix this? i know i was acting like a girlfriend. it was just a very hard time.

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I feel for your pain.


Sorry to have to say this but I dont think the guy is worth the trouble. Part of loving someone and being with them is wanting to help them through the bad parts as well as the good. If he is not willing to help you through such a traumatic time and help heal some of the pain he is not the right person for you.


I know this is probably not what you want hear this and you are hurting from the relationship break down as well. Hang in there!!! There will be some one better down the track, try to move on.


Take care

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i agree with tonk. of course you are going to be upset about your friend, i don't blame you & i'm very sorry about all that. he should be considerate of your feelings & realize that you aren't going to be your happiest right now because of what happened with your friend. i know its hard for you to go through this, but he's not worth it. he obviously doesn't care enough about you, & you deserve so much better.

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I know this isn't what you're looking for, but it seems like this guy doesn't really want a realtionship. He's dealing with four girls at one time, so he's not trying to find a companion and something special to share with another person. Perhaps thats why he drew away, he might have thought that how you were starting to turn to him for comfort as taking the relationship to another level. He obviously doesn't want since he's seeing so many people at a time.

Personally, he doesn't even seem like that nice of a guy. When my boyfriend broke up with me, even people I've never spoke to tried to be there and comfort me. Becoming distant because you needed support is just cold.

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he actually called. we had a very normal conversation. i had left him a few messages how ridiculous it is we were fighting. so what do i do now, just work on building a friendship? i can't ever bring up that i want a second chance. he'll freak. but it was a nice conversation, just chit chat.

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