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Is she nuts or what?


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I've been posting here since my breakup with my wife and been feeling

sorry for myself and searching for answers to my problems. After today i think i can begin to heal myself because i no longer want anything to do with my ex. I think i have the whole story now and it looks like she was lying about everything from the get go ,she is staying at this mans house all the time ,she even had the nerve to come here today in his vehicle. What is perplexing about the whole thing is she acts like she did nothing wrong and that i am supposed to be friends with her, we had a talk today and she said she was interested in my life and if i met anyone yet,etc. I guess what i'm asking is why on earth would she think i want to be her friend after she had an affair with someone and that i can just talk about my life normally with her as if nothing has happened and keep in mind this whole situation isnt even three weeks old yet. She is right about the marrriage , that its best it ended but the hell she has put me through is something i cant forgive her for. She thinks that i can just let her come over and take our dog over to his house and act like what she is doing doesnt bother me , but to me , she left so if i have to cut off all contact with her in order to heal then thats what i have to do , but she says this is unacceptable and expects me to be very accomidating to her needs to see her pets, this includes her having keys to my house so when i stay out all night she can come over and take care of the animals. I cant understand why she thinks i would be ok with her in my house at all. In her mind i think she is trying to be the bigger person but she accepts no responsibility for what she has done and believe me in this situation i have been the bigger person. Anyways i hope someone can make sense of this , i have a hard time explaining this situation because her behavior makes no sense to me. Oh and i am cutting her off as soon as our legal dealings are handled and she cant harm me financially, for now i am biting my tongue.



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Can WE say "BOLD daring, headstrong, temerarious, audacious"



GOD..!! what a Women you have on your hands....my friend she acts as if nothing happened, SHE HAD AN AFFAIR...how can you NOT stand your ground, i would sell the pets, give her half the money and say "Nothing personal honey." and tell her to give you back the keys, since she wont need them because the animals are gone..problem solved,end of story, fiasco, obstacle, inconvenience *i wont generate another List* but i could...

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Sounds like she is really up herself. Changes the locks on your house. If you dont want contact with her dont do it. What she thinks is irrelevent do what ever you need to do to rebuild. Stay focused on sorting out the legal stuff then tell her to take a running jump.


My ex wanted to go out for a drink to celebrate the divorce, some women are NUTS!!!

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It must be very tough for you to put up with this abuse from her. I understand your reasoning for trying to get the settlement wrapped up and I applaud your foresight to trade a bad situation in the short term for a much better deal long term.


Once you get the agreement wrapped up I do suggest you cut all contact. I'm assuming you have no children together so there would be no reason for you two to speak further. Then you can truly start to heal.


The divorce process is ugly, but from what you've described I think you will emerge from it as a better person. Good luck and I hope things wrap up quickly for you.

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I dunno about nuts...


How about self-centered, thoughtless, and amoral?


I'd only tolerate this crap if I absolutely HAD to, that kind of attitude is just... UGH. Just hope the karma police are keeping track of her and what goes around will indeed come around on this one, because I don't think much else will penetrate that granite masquerading as a skull resting on her neck...

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