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is it wrong....?

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would it be wrong of me, when i'm a bit tipsy, reaching the boarder line to being drunk, and my best friend (female - also my ex) is drunk, and looks like she REALLY wants to kiss me. to make a move...


would that be wrong of me?


havn't done it, but felt like it, and received signlas from her, which made it seems as if she really wanted me to kiss her... ie. her looking straight into my eyes, from 20cm away for a few minutes, without looking anywhere else...



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I mean...I agree with everyone else. Sober is probably the best way to go. The first thing is...Would you happen to have a girl. Is that why you may be asking. If you do the answer is no. It wouldnt be right. I would check to see if there is anything between yall when your not drunk. Alcohol sure does seem to affect your decisions. Most of the time they are unwise. You wouldnt want it to be weird the next day would you. Be sure to check all the alternatives first. Make sure there is atleast a little spark left in her eyes to want to kiss you.

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life is based around not knowing half of the time. so taking the chance is more than likely what you have to do.

if you are so unsure about the way she feels then i would have to say not to kiss her when 'tipsy' or 'drunk' this would not be the right thing to do. you sau you dont know if she will talk, maby she is thinking the same about you.

all life events have several different paths its up to you which one you chose.

dont miss out on something that you will regret but dont regret something by going about it the wrong way.


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