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so any guys or girls have any cute ideas?

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well i love my Boyfriend so much. we have been having a little trouble lately but we are good now. i have been dating him for 10 months now and we both love eachother more than anyone. i love him so much. i want to do something really sweet for him and make him happy. something cute. nothing too expensive though because i just spent all my money when we took them out on our sadie hawkens date. The girls are the ones who pay for that dance. well we have done things (sex), and i would also like some tips on what guys like. thanks

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IDEA #1 Victorias Secret is an idea, make him pick out a luxurious lingerie for you too wear on a "Special Night" Can't go wrong with Black, especially if you have blonde hair...Or red, Hell Pink....Damn it what am i saying It doesn't matter....



IDEA #2 There is no #2, because your his #1 and you Just Showing him that you love him as much, is enough.....I'll Toast To that...



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I, uhh, disagree.

Underwear can be sexy, that is true. But it is pretty superficial I must say.

.. Of course you have grown to know eachother quite well during these 10months, but I do not think that lingerie is a solution unless both parts are really comfortable with it.


Oral sex for me, maybe most guys, is really a token of affection. Can't be very comfortable with that stick there, so it is really a sign of love, tihi.


However.. It should not have to cost any money so I'd say a homecooked meal, candles, a movie and just really taking care of eachother is the best thing to do. I don't ask for much, I prefer making my love feel comfortable..


Aah, I don't know what to say really.. But you know him best and thus you know what he likes. Everything can be talked out too, so don't go to extremes just to try and wash over the troubles you encounter in your relationship. 10months is a long time and stronger than one'd think =)


Good luck to you two! I hope everything goes well.

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