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18 Year old confused about best friend...help

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I am 18 years old and curently enrolled in college. For the longest time, i have had a crush on a kid from my school since seventh grade. During our senior year we became best friends..yay. We did everything together. In public we act as if were just friends;however, when were alone and at his hosue, we almost always start wrestling. Sooner or later somebody always gets hit in the junk. One time, i had him in a head lock and his head happened to be right in front of my crotch and he warned me he would bite and he did. Now we had clothes on but its the fact of the matter that confuses me. Also, the last time we were together, we were wrestling on his bed and he tried to bearclaw me (grab and squeese the privates). Now i stopped him because i was currently erect a the time and i didnt know how he wouldve reacted to that. And whenever were wrestling, as soon as someone, usually his parents, get home, we stop and act as if nothing happened. When im with him i get both impression that hes gay and hes not gay, i just dont know. I really think he would be there for me though if i were to come out to him, but i dont want to risk changing our relationship because i absolutely love the time i spend with him and would be crushed if our relationship was different. If anybody could give me some insight into what they believe i should do or if you think he is gay---because i am just sooo confused about him.

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If the kid you are with is interested in you, he will exhibit certain signs of attraction and arousal. Each little mannerism, for example the sparkle in his eyes, his tone of voice, his body language should be taken into consideration when trying to decide if the kid you are with is genuinely interested in you.


Signs Of Arousal In Your Case:


1- he will always be the sma e with u infront of anybody even his family ...


2- stoping the things he do with you means that he knows that he's doing something wrong and his family don't like it ....


3- ask him to stop what he is doing .... and see his reaction ...


sorry for the english

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Ummm...Ironically, being gay makes it harder to come up with an insight, here. Do straight guys usually grab each others crotches? I'm guessing that it's rare, but not unheard of. Do straight guys usually grab each others crotches...with their TEETH? I'm guessing NOT.

I'll tell you what, though. From a selfish perspective, I'd like to see you draw this thing out, make it last. I've always wished that I had had that kind of friendship when I was your age. You're probably thinking how much fun it would be to have sex with this guy. But it's a really amazing kind of sexual energy when you're not quite sure about your buddy, but can still be semi-sexual together (wrestling? WOO HOO)!. Trust me, it's a rare find. As you get older, you may discover that you can have sex with guys any time you want. But right now you've got something going on and it may be the only time in your life you find it.

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I am a straight guy, I really really like women. I admit I have experimented before, but not with a friend. In your case I would recommend, the next time you guys are going to be alone, watch a porn together..women on women . When you both are aroused, maybe bring up that you are horny and want to jack off. He will probably say he wants to as well. Sit next to each other and watch each other. At this point, ask if you can touch him, "i've never felt another dick before" ask if he wants to touch you.......etc. At this point you guys haven't gotten totally gay so if, so if somebody freaks out it really isn't a big deal. I have a feeling though you guys are going to have some fun. Make sure nobodys going to be around for a while.

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