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Serious Depression

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For the past couple months since the beginning of school, life just got really dull... My friends started to pop in and out of my life. I mean the first month of school I got so much stress that everyone started to talk to me and stuff. Now, near the 3rd month since school started I still have the same feeling of being depressed. Now I don't really feel like telling anyone because all the attention and the questions really bother me. So now at school I always keep up a fake smile and laugh whenever anyone else does... I don't know what to do. Im 16 and all this crap revolving around me is interfering with so many things. Please help. I don't know what to do.

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When I was in high school, I was mister depression too. For one thing, I was a total geek. For another, it always seemed like all my friends were better friends with each other when I wasn't around.


There is always a friend, or maybe two, that we're super-close to however. The kind of person who, hell, who you'd walk out in traffic for. And who you know would do the same for you. Sure, counselors and psychologists and prozac and any number of sociologically-prevalent solutions can help and offer band-aids, but there are few substitutes for that friend.


Spend some time with them. Let them know how you're feeling, and let them know you don't want questions, you just want someone to listen. After they listen, chances are they won't ask you frusterating questions, instead they'll offer constructive solutions. And if nothing else, after hearing your plight, they will be more responsive to the signals you send, sometimes even subconsciously, at school. They'll be able to tell when you need someone to spend a little extra time with you. They'll know when you need someone to step in and stick up for you. In short, once they know how you're feeling, they can watch your back!


If you don't have a friend like this, the journey towards finding and developing such a friendship can be an anti-depressant in itself!


Best of luck,


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Panda360. I too was depressed in high school and I get depressed too now that I'm in college, in fact that happened today. I'm so stressed with school that I didn't talk to a lot of people today, hell I even thought of quitting school even tho I graduate 4-5 months from now. Like upstatemedic stated. Find a close friend who you can talk to and or go on some medication. I'm glad that I have close friends back home who will listen and I have a couple close friends here that I can talk to you. Life isn't easy, we have to accept that life sucks and we have to go on and live it the best that we can.



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I feel where ur coming from my school year is also stressful, all you got to do is try hard to be a good person and try to be happy, things will surely change for the better just make sure that you calm down and relax to ease the stress. Also find someone that you can talk to about your problems without them changfing the way they act around you. dont worry i'm positive that things will change just keep your head up and hope for the best. Good luck. I hope you find happiness very soon and if you ever wanna talk just send a P.M to Swift44 Peace.










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