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okay, heres the thing -> I was homeschooled last year and the year before last because I couldnt go to school. I was just to depressed and sad, I felt so weak and discusted with myself which of course only made things worse. anyways things got so bad I started seeing a shrink, my mother more so pointed the discussion twords getting back to school than what the problems really were. I didnt really tell her everything that bothered me because I didnt want to tell her that is why i wanted to see a shrink in the first place. anyways, realizing that it was going no were fast I decided that i didnt want to see my phycyatrist anymore. anyways here it is a year later i have been going to school for roughly over a month and its starting to happen agian, missing school starting to feel discusted with myself that I cant suck it up and go to school like the rest of the people even though they hate it just as much. but wait something new has hit the table, my mom thinks that I should be on anti-depressants. im not sure what to think, on the one hand they may very well have the power to help me. on the other hand do I really want to turn to medication so quickly. I guess im afraid it will altar my consiousness as it is now so I wont be able to think about things like I used to. does anyone have any experience with anti-depresives?

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Ive never told anyone this but I think I am depressive but I just sort of hang in there most of the time, but you should try the anti-depressants because you are young and you have a good chance of getting better for it, it wont hurt will it? Sincerely good luck my friend.

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I was toying with the the idea of going on some anti-depressant meds a while ago. I decided not to, because I think my depression was situational. And I am also seing a therapist. My therapist really helps me out, and I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like seeing yours.


If this is a recurring problem that has been with you for awhile and it doesn't seem to be something that gets brought on by a reaction to some event, then medication might really help you out. I have heard from people who have taken anti-depressants that it really helps a lot. It is a very personal decision and you should definetly talk to a doctor about it. A psychiatrist would be best, because they can help you with the stuff that the meds can't help with. Maybe try seeing a different person if you didn't like your last counselor.


Best Wishes,


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On the subject of anti-depressants... Make sure you talk to your doctor/psychiatrist about the one they perscribe, and all the potential side effects. Specifically, avoid anti-depressants that meddle with the levels of seratonin in your brain. They work very well, but if you ever try to reduce your dose or go completely off of them, there can be disastrous effects. A friend of mine was on Effexir XR (which controls seratonin levels) and his doctor took him off cold-turkey. As a result, he could barely speak for weeks and there were times it almost looked like he was having seizures. He c-c-c-could trrrrrry to g-g-g-get through sentences, b-b-but you coullllld tell it was d-d-d-difficult. Of course, it resolved after his brain re-normailized his seratonin, but it was a hell of an ordeal.


As for the counseling, don't throw away the whole bushell because you got one bad apple. There are lots of good counselors, psychologists, psychoanalysits and psychiatrists out there. Remember that THEY work for YOU, and YOU pay their paycheck. So if you're not satisfied with one, fire him/her. Also, it's generally a good idea to go alone, so nobody else has a chance to steer the conversation in a particular direction (effectively derailing the counselor's established process of evaluation)...


Best of luck,


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thankyou for your responses, it is muchly appreciated. I'll take into account what you have all said. It is just nice to get a few different opinions on the subject at hand. yeah I know my mom just kind of controls the conversation sometimes. i will defanatley discuss the medication w\ someone before i try it. and thanx for the whole seratonin advice I didnt know that before. well thanx im sure things will work out for the best.

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