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Is he lusting?

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Can you trust a man that has been to strip clubs 4 years in a row? And a man who watches porn online? Does doing these things mean he wants a lot of different women and not just one woman? Then why would he do these things if he's not a player or a cheater? I dont understand strip clubs and online porn at all. Can he still be a good guy and faithful if he does that or is he cheating in his mind or lusting for others?

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Speaking from a mans point of view I would say that most of us look at other women and porn quite a bit although most wont admit it so I would say its nothing to worry about. Dont forget that trust is a big part of a relationship and if you dont trust him maybe you should talk to him about it to clear things up. In my experience a lot of miscionceptions in a relationship can be resolved so easily just by talking to each other. Hope this helped. Gaz

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I would have thought that if he truly wanted a lot of different women, rather than doing these things he would have been hanging out in singles bars, and possibly pickup up prostitutes. A lot of men go to strip clubs and watch porn, but it doesn't generally mean they're untrustworthy, or are seeking other women in a sexual way.


I'd suggest you talk to him about it too if it bothers you. It sounds like he may not be taking pains to hide it, possibly meaning he thinks it's okay that he does these things.


For what it's worth, I know of a lot of women who love going to see the male strippers when they come to town. At a basic level, it is just entertainment.

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We are all on a continuum, like a bell curve, of normal obsession with sex to the extreems of murder and pedaphilia. This is guy seems on the high normal side--like in the 80th percentile of normal...like 20% to go before he is "gone" if you know what I mean.


He is out there!!


Is this a boyfriend or a husband??


How much faith can you put into someone who goes to strip clubs for fun.


The question that I have is what isn't he admitting to, that is the big grey area.


The moving stimulous is much more attractive and stimulating than the unmoving stimulous....so says I....and my human sexuality book!!


What do they really want? So much variety, so little time!!

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