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No contact is like a wall of silence you cant climb over

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I separated from my girlfriend of four years in july (I have posted about this before) and we have had no contact at all for months. I had mood swings which is basically why she left but it wasnt my fault. I would just like to know if anyone can say if she will ever come back to me or forgive me or any ways I can get her to understand how much I love her. I sent her a hello email yesterday after a few months of no contact but did not get a reply. Should I send her a christmas card when the time comes or shall I just keep going with the no contact thing? I really love her more than anything I dont know what I would do if I never saw her again. Its very difficult for me as Im sure everyone else has gone through the same thing and worse. I feel lost at the moment.I would just like to say also that this is the best forum Ive ever been on and the support is first rate, I feel better just looking over these pages. Thanks.

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Let me get this straight...you broke up with her, correct? If that's the case, then you're supposed to be the one that goes back to her. She's probably doing the same thing you are right now, since she was the one that got left. It's your decision to make the move and let her know you want to get back together.

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4 years is a very long time for u to still be hoping something will happen between u two. i doubt that anything will happen in terms of a relationship, because there was the previous 4 years for that to happen. if u want a friendship, then let her know about that, i dont think that should be too 'threatening' to her. but as mentioned earlier, if she dont reply, then dont bother with her, dont hang around where ur not wanted.


good luck!

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