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Hi guys and gals !!

I need ur help on this one. The situation is like this, I have a friend

(male) who is very very close to me. We r like buddies together. say his name is A . i have another friend B who is just as close to me.

A says to me that he thinks that B is much more closer to me ... see I never diff. in friendship cuz once I have told myself that they are worth me i give my everything. A says and is depressed that B means much more to me, see I cant say B is not, its just that I have never felt such way in differentiating between friendship. I just dont know what to do , as both of them are really really close to me and I have just never tried to distinguish and will never ever. I dont know what to do ?? How do I tell A and convince him back to normal?

Thanks in advance

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Well, not knowing if you are male or female (and maybe that doesn't even make a difference) is it possible that friend A thinks of you as more than a friend?


If not, then it seems like just a case of jealousy. Explain to him that his friendship is equally as important as friend B. You don't distinguish between the two and never will. Reassure him that you wouldn't slight him even if friend B asked him to. Hopefully that will make a difference.


If there is more to A's feelings than just friendship, well then thats much more complicated. I hate to get into that issue without more information.

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Thanks for ur reply...

I am a male and both A and B are also males.

But if this is the case of jealousy, then I might just try to convince A that I will be there for him as much as I am for B, I hope that this will work out for me... do you think ??


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Just tell them they're two different people, you care as much about the friendship for both, they're both unique people and just as important for that. I've had the same problem... it's hard to get accross that sometimes your actions aren't identical when your feelings run as strong for both, just because different people tend to make you show it in different ways.

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