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I was just wondering if anyone else out there has felt like this or understands what im feeling.

I was with a guy who moved way too fast for me and i didnt feel the same so i broke up with him, the thing is we stayed very close and best friends and then i moved overseas for 3mnths, now that im back hes moved on and im finding i really miss the closeness we had, i miss the wya he needed me and loved me, imiss having someone, i want him to still be liek that for me but i dont think im in love with him i think i just need someon but im not sure.

the thing is he kept tellin me he wanted to wait for me while i was overseas and then we would get back together but i kept saying no cos i didnt know if i could grow to love him as much as he loved me already and didnt wnat to lead him on.

so i just feel so confused cos i know now hes moved on and said it was easy to move on from me while i was overseas cos i wasnt here, and now hes tryin to start a relationship with a new girl...this is where im really confused, because i feel like i wouldnt wnat to actually GET BACK with him but i miss the way he needed me etc and i hate being alone now and i hate that he doesnt need me and i wish he still loved me, i dont care that he has feelings for this other girl ( which helps me know im not in love with him) but i hate the idea of them having each other......i knwo im being so selfish and i hate feleing liek this, so im giving him space away form me unitl i have my independence back and over all this.

the thing is do you knwo nayone or have you felt like you dont wnat someone to like anyone else but you even if your not in love with them???? have you hated the idea of an ex or best friend getting with someone else cos you want that??? is it because i wnat that??? why do i feel like this?

my main question is though: have you felt like you dont wnat to be with someone commited but you dont wnat them to like anyone else?????

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To answer your main question, I think everyone feels like that sometimes: You like someone and want to be with them, but it's not serious, but you still want to be their only one. It's common. But it's unrealistic. I noticed in your situation you were always quick to mention that you are not in love with him, but you really want him to love you. HA! That's a tad unfair, ain't it? I can understand that you are really stressing out over this, so my advice would be to stop thinking about him and find someone else, someone who you can love. Then if that person loves you it will be more satisfying than this current unbalanced, unrequited thing.

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