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The girl I like's job

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The girl I like has a job at the same place where I like to go to eat alot. Well anyway, at first I havent seen her in a while so I thought she wouln't like me like she did when we were closer friends a long time ago, but now when she took my order she got pretty excited. (As excited as she could get when working anyway) Still, I dunno if she has act that way in her job or she really wanted to talk to me because she knew I liked onions and I asked her how the job was and she said it was fine. I just want to know how I can get the old flare started again when we were good friends?

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You are right you could be confusing friendly nature for the way she acts at work. If the opportunity arises you should ask her if she is busy after work or if she would like to go out sometime. Otherwise your relationship is restricted to work environment and you will never to be able to tell!

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