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I think I'm in love...


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I need to tell people and you guys are great Thanks to your encouraging (and sometimes brutally honest) replies, I got myself a Girlfriend!!





I totally love her... and she tells me she totally loves me I've never been happier and... well it's not ALL thanks to you guys, after all I had to actually talk to her... but you gave me the confidence to do so.


For that I can NEVER repay you!! Thanks a TON!!!


I'll keep replying here with updates

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wow... I must be doing SOMETHING right...


I sent her a pic of a heart that said, "Key To My Heart"... she said awh key to ur heart...


then I said, "you've had it for a long time hon


she just said "..." So I was worried I said something wrong...


then she said "wow u left me speechless"


I'm so awesomely happy

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hey if anyone can answer this quick question: I want to keep up my momentum with her, but I don't want to start going too fast either. What is acceptable for number of times calling/day or /week? Sometimes I call once a day, sometimes twice, a few times zero... I called her this morning before school (we dont go to the same school) just because I didn't call her yesterday and I missed the sound of her voice, and I told her that... is THIS acceptable? And finally, I seem to make a practice of calling at the most inconvenient times - not on purpose, just purely coincidentally, I always end up calling when shes either with a friend, watching a movie, or eating supper... would it make sense to set up a time when I call her every day, or would this be less "sweet" or "romantic"? Help me out here guys I'm just going off instinct as opposed to experience

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I'm not an expert in relationships, but I'll tell you what I would do. I would set a time to call her, I'd ask what is the most convenient time for her. I guess you can call her 1 time per day by keeping the conversation interesting and short. Sometimes you can be spountaneus and call her at another time just to say something sweet. This would keep romance. Be very brief though.


Or maybe, if you both have cell phones you can text her sometimes saying something sweet.





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I have to confess.... I haven't been entirely honest.... my girlfriend lives 2 provinces away. She lives in Saskatoon, where I used to live until about a year ago, and I had already planned to move back and visit every summer/spring break, so we're still able to go through with this... its being hard on both of us, being apart, and both of us have suggested to the other at one point or another that they should back out now if they didn't think it would work. Neither one of us did. So I'm thinking we really do love each other, as we put it, "with all our hearts".


Still, I think I should tell you guys - I conveniently forgot that little tidbit when I was triumphantly relating my love story to you.

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