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Ok so here's the deal. Im only 16, ive been sexually active for 4 months, with this one guy (who i am incredibly in love with). I cannot achieve an orgasm through sexual intercourse. I have been told that 1 in three women cannot "cum" during sex... and this is worrying me! My boyfriend feels like he cannot pleasure me, simply because i cant orgasm during sex. We have started to focus alot more on foreplay, and this kind of helps, giving me a tingling sensation down below. He has never made me cum, even during foreplay (using fingers, tongue...etc). I am beginning to think there is something wrong.


Is it true that i could get too used to making myself orgasm one way, and maybe will find it hard to orgasm in a different way, after "training" myself.....I have awesome orgasms during masterbation!

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Everyone is different some girls just cant orgasm if they are having sex. I have known girls who just cant handle the 2 feelings together and it doesnt work for them so they need to masterbate or let there partner do it for them. Maybe show you partner how you do it and let him have a go. Also foreplay doesnt need to be just foreplay.


Have fun!

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I heard that if you masturbate alot to the point where you achieve an orgasm that it can help your body become use to having an orgasm thus making it easir fotr your b-friend to please you. as for cumming I know that some girls can't cum so don't worry just keep " practicing" if you want to.







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Clitoral stimulation always helps, I'm sure you know where that is, and locating your G-spot and READING the material about how to stimulate it can cause the feeling too go past "tingling" to your full level being orgasm....here I'll provide some links that your REALLY should look threw if you want too.


you can order the books for a pretty cheep..or find them in a store near you, just don't let your parents know.

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Also, you need to relax. Worrying about if you're going to do it and thus tensing up, only causee you to take a step backward. Practice just laying there enjoying it, instead of trying to force yourself to reach one.

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You need to practice giving yourself orgasms, slowly you will learn to focus on the feelings inside you.


Once you can have orgasms on yourself, the best way to achieve orgasms with a partner is him giving you oral sex. guide him to what feels good, faster slower, softer harder, etc.


eventually you can have orgasms that way, later he can bring you close to orgasm, and the you can get on top (best for clitoral stimulation) you control the speed thrust everything.


it may take time, dont stress yourself if you dont have success right away. like i said you need to become in tune with your body by yourself first.


In the meantime, just enjoy the closeness of making love, dont stress yourself over the goal of the big "O" making love isnt all about the orgasm. soon they will come, pardon the pun.

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Work on your own love making skills with in the environment of your own bedroom if you catch my drift. Make yourself so sexually expansive that by the time you look at him or some other man, you'll come right away!


What do you think about when you concentrate? Does your mind go blank? Learn to love one another, 4 months is a short period of time-really!


Have him do oral more, this normally works best. Do foreplay, then stop for a while, do it some more! Tell him what gets you hot, don't make him guess, men have trouble with guessing sometimes, they get stuck in their ways whether you like it or not!!


It takes 25 minutes to stimulate a woman to orgasm. If he is willing to work at it a little, remember nothing in life is easy!!


talk sexy to each other, kiss, suckle, remember that you are making love, not having sex, if he is too consentrated on the outcome, you;ll not enjoy the ride. Do you love him or just want him?


Try lots of different positions too. Think about weird little fantacies in your head while you are having sex, men do it. We need to do that too!!


Here is another good piece of advice: the testicles are like the vagina, and the clitoris is like the tip of the penis. Ask your partner how he would get off if you only touched his testicles! Have him put two fingers in you while he is doing oral on ya!! See if you like them apples!!

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