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Need to be friends with ex bf

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I would take it very slow with your ex, things are probably still a little raw and emotions may run high if you meet or talk right now. Give it a few weeks and see how YOU feel about things, it's likely your entire outlook on the situation may have changed by then and you won't want to be friends with him. Look after no1 for the time being.

Good luck.

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It's tricky being friends with an ex. If you're fully healed from the break up and have moved on, then go ahead and be friends with your ex. If you still have feelings for him then I would not recommend being friends. Would you feel comfortable if he talks about his new girl in his life? Would this friendship keep you from moving on and not hanging in the fantasy of you two getting back together?


I say just be careful. You've been hurt once, you don't want to get hurt again by the same person. Good luck

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