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so im almost positive she likes me...


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Hey - relax, just call her like you would to talk, and at some point ask her out (I'm assuming you've figured out where you're gonna ask her Be easy and casual "hey, I was wondering, how'd you like to see (name of movie) with me this Saturday night?" she says yes? "Yeah? Cool! Wanna get something to eat first, maybe at (name of place, or mall food court if it's playing there and you want to walk around a bit first, etc)?" The only really stupid thing you can do is to decide NOT to ask - most girls aren't gonna be grading you here, and will be quite happy to help carry the conversational ball if they're interested - if you're nervous or stammer, don't sweat it, you can always joke about it later when you see her, it's no biggie!

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my problem isnt really asking her out...i think thats the easy part, its building the conversation and talking that im nervous about...like i dont know what to talk about


i remember calling this one girl awhile back, and she almost wanted a reason for me to be calling...so i got all nervous and i didnt know what to say at all, cause i didnt want to just ask her out immediately

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You share classes or anything? And did she give you her number to call her? If she gave you her number, most girls aren't gonna expect any reason other than you want to talk to her for the call. You can pick anything, a school game, latest test, teacher everyone makes fun of, the cafeteria food - if you haven't talked to her on the phone before, just start casual "hey - hope I didn't catch you at a bad time, what ya up to?" Most girls really aren't going to be looking for a defined reason unless they 1) want to get off the phone or 2) are overeager to be asked out and have no social experience and are trying to prompt you to ask. And if she does that, you can always just tell her "well, I wanted to ask you to a movie this weekend - but I wanted to just talk to you too, saw right through me, huh? Was I that obvious?" Keep it easy and lighthearted, keep in mind things are only as big a deal as you make of them for things like this. The more you worry, the harder it's gonna seem, just take a deep breath and call her

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You're already over the first hurdle - you called, and she wasn't unreceptive. One thing to keep in mind is - a lot of girls don't call back. Don't ask me why, it's in our genes or something, we get convinced we shouldn't. If you wanna avoid sounding like you're too anxious - wait another day or so and call her again instead of the day after, it'll give her time to think about it, and won't seem like you're desperate.

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If you decide to call her today - make it very casual, "hey, sorry to call again so soon, but I was thinking, we're off today, and if you don't have any plans, would you to see a movie later?"


Personally, I'd wait - for one, it's very short notice, which leaves a bigger chance she's already got something to do, and for the other, you don't want to give her the impression you're coming on strong, especially given she's a freshman in HS.


You're nicely set to call her later in the week as it is, IMO you're best off capitalizing on that.


(Anyone else got any input here? LOL)

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