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Try to land a date, Or should i forget..?

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oh wow where to start, i have this friend, she is a girl, age 24, been married, has no boyfriend. but it seems as if she uses guy for "CAN'T FIGURE THAT PART OUT" maybe attention.


ok get this she has more guy friends than girl friends, but under the title of friends, she really doesn't act like one, Towards me any ways... what i mean is we have never hung out, like besides the time we go out to the club, we meet there, we have fun talk, dance, buy her drinks, i encourage her on the dance floor, because she does have a self-conscious problem, she is good looking, gets alot of attention from guys all around. PICTURE HERE:


link removed


Well to get to the point, i called her Saturday after we went out Friday, after that club closed Friday, she ran out to her car, i was parked next to her, i told her get in she said " i have to get home i gotta go..." she didn't even say BYE...so i said "ok than whatever" and almost rolled her face up in the window..Opps! but Sunday i called her and told her about how i felt, like i wasn't being accepted for who i was, and that i don't feel like a friend outside of the club environments..which is true, in my mind anyway..i told her that the times i tried to get her to hangout, she has turned me down saying "i have something planned, I"m busy that day" AND UNDERSTAND she is a very busy person, so it sort of makes sense. I don't see it as rejection, But I'm starting to see it differently now...don't know if i should think like that.


I got her to tell me that she didn't have anything planned for next Saturday, But i was sort of contradicting myself on that, because before i asked her what she was doing, i said "i don't see myself pitching anymore invitations to take you out, because they only lead to rejection" she said "well I'm sorry but i am a very busy girl" but than i found myself asking what she was doing, and she seemed excited to do something with me, like dinner as friends, something casual...nothing more. do you think i should go for it...or just leave it alone and stick to my guns, and not take her out, because of the past only being turned down?

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She doesn't sound like a very fun person to hang out with to me. Are you sure you want to take this chick out? Well, it is your life, but I wouldn't. I'd find better people to hang out with.....


But then again I wouldn't take it personal,either. She could actually be busy.....

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