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what is she thinking?

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This girl started talking to me about a couple of months ago and now we talk alot. I drive her to school everyday and we've hung out three times. Twice alone together and once with another person. Im also seeing her tonight alone and tomorrow night with us and another person. I asked to hang out with her the first time, she asked the second time, and I asked the two times we're seeing eachother this weekend. I am really into her. I've looked online for signs that a girl likes you and the positive signs from what I read is that she does grab or tap on my arm alot, Laughs alot when I make any joke, she jokingly mentioned on us being alone together and tapped leg with her hand while we were standing, offers to share a drink with me (I mean swap saliva, but that could mean nothing), she talks about how she sometimes mentions me to her friends, I do catch her occasionally glancing at me (which probably means nothing), I talk to her on the phone about twice a week and each time its been a little over an hour. I also noticed that her eyes were dialated when I talked to her, but it was in a school hallway..I dont know if it was the light, also she made me a thank you note for driving her to school ending it with love always, she also told me a secret that only her best friend knows, and we walk each other to our classes. The not so good signs are, She talks about other guys she knows, she seems to be friends with alot of guys, It seems like she acts the same way around her friends as she does to me, I havent even hugged her at all (and we've just sat in my car in the parking lot 2 times for about an hour each time and we're just talking and nothing else!), and she jokingly mentions how dumb I can be, she told me that her friend thinks Im cute (I think if she liked me, then she wouldnt want me to know that...she even pointed her out to me.)and she always says practically everyday that we should just end our friendship in a joking tone. Im too nervous on how she'd react if I mentioned to her on how I feel because I drive her everyday and it could get really awkward. I havent really made any moves because I cant think of a move that would be subtle. Does it seem like she likes me more then a friend? If so, what are some subtle ways to show her I like her and how can you tell if she does or doesnt like me

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I think she has a crush on you. The only way that you will know will be by asking her out on a date. Just say "hey (her name) would you like to go see (say movie name) " If she seads "yes" then cool but if she seads "no" then say "cant a friend take a friend to the movies?" Well I hope that this helps.

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douse she stare at you? That is a good sign. Is she single? If yes that is a good sign. Oh here is what you can do take her to dinner some place nice but not to nice if you know what I meen. When you are there just talk to her find out every thing about her and let her find out stuff about you too. Then after that you can take a long walk through the park and wach the sun set or look at the stars. But remember keep talking but if she stops talking and stares at you and you froget what you where talking about then ask her if you can kiss her. You will know when the time is right. yea that will work........ by the end of the night you will know if she likes you. Well I wish you the best of luck and keep us updated.

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If you try to put your arm around her, hold her hand - does she lean into you? Or seem awkward and try to find a reason to pull away? If she leans into you, either she's really comfortable with you or she's definitely interested. Oh, and btw, the comment about her friend may not mean she doesn't like you - it can also be an indirect way of giving an opinion and seeing how you react to another girl at the same time - so that could be taken more than one way. You'll never know til you try though - you can always ask her "if I was to ask you out on a real date, would you say no?"

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