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Friend Being An Asshole To Me

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Sometimes my roommate will act like a complete asshole to me and it really pisses me off. I've hinted many times that I don't like it when he gets all annoying and playful like some little child. He keeps doing it because it's funny for him. I really don't think it's funny at all and I've told him that as well. I don't know how to express myself to him without him thinking I'm joking or lacking any social skills. I think he's trying to hint that I don't go out much or something. Not a really friend the more I think about it, but he's gotten me into some very good habits and is definitely a good influence (doesn't smoke, smart, karate, etc.). He could kick my ass in five seconds. That is why I'm not going to try to kick his ass or anything. Anyway, I need help with this situation.

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Omega Tablet?


Why not Omega Himself?


What have you tried to solve this? I believe you should tell him in a serious way but not as an order though.


``I don't like what you are doing this and if you're my friend, I woud think you would respect that and stop doing it. I can't force you though but still I wanted to tell you.``


Most of the time, the fact that you leave them a choice will make quite a difference, good luck!


Omega Man

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LOL - oh, I know people like this too...


Sometimes you just gotta say "Dude, I know different people find different things funny, but what you're finding humorous in this frankly annoys me; please give it a rest already! You're a cool guy, and I know you can kick my ass, please don't make me buy stock in Tylenol, ok?"


There's some people who need the equivalent of a brick over the head to even SEE a hint, you know? And he may well be one of them and think you're playing along, when you're irritated as hell

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