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Ok someone help me out with this situation?

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Ok this about the same problem that I had last time for who ever checked it out at the begening of this year I noticed this girl at school and every time I saw her a few a times around the school she always would just look at me and smile. Maybe about 2 weeks ago she came up to me and to asked if remembered her from my old school that I use to go to but said I didn't really remember her when I was at my old school becasuse it was about 2 years ago and I never talked to her she was someone that went to my school at the time. On they way home that day I rememberd her going to my old school like seeing her with her friends etc. The next day she asked me my name and we talked for a few minutes. Now we talk to each other once in a while at school. My problem is I have no clue if she likes me, Im to shy to go ask her what she thinks of me and if she wants to get to know me I am by myself Im thinking about her I want to just come right and say it but I don't what to do someone help.

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Why not see if some of your friends know some of her friends and kinda pass it through the grape vine to see if she likes you. It'll get back to you one way or another, or just wait it out and see what kinds of reactions she gives you to certain things. Let her know you like her and see what her reply is. Start talking to her and see if she chats online, if she does, invite her to some of your favorite chat rooms or websites. Let it go from there and I'm sure she'll return the favor.

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I'd say she likes you and would like to know you better. She introduced herself to you afterall, and appears to maybe have hoped you remember her.


Look at it this way, what have you got to lose by being more friendly and forward? I mean, two weeks ago she really wasn't on your radar at all. Sounds like you're in a great position to get closer if that's what you want.

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